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 Thursday, June 9, 2005 

By Judy Rose

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Where Are They Now?
Carolyn Bombach

Then: 1962 senior photo

Carolyn Bombach came into the world on December 28, 1944, the third of four children born to Frank and Eleanor (Vorhauer) Bombach of Jackson Township. Her siblings include sisters LaVerne Reffner and Mary Devlin, and brother Bob, all of Vinco. Carolyn was no bigger than a peanut while attending the Vinco Elementary school, and not much bigger during her years at Central Cambria High School. She was small in stature but big in heart.

After her 1962 graduation from high school, she went on to attend Cambria-Rowe Business College where she was the recipient of the secretarial award.

Now: Carolyn in 2005

Married to Delford "Del" Leidy since June 26, 1965, she and her Jackson Township-native hubby are the parents of two grown children and claim bragging rights to two grandchildren. Both of the Leidys' children, son Jeff and daughter Jeri, live in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Carolyn and Del both worked many years for the Ashland School District where Carolyn was an elementary school secretary and Del was a math teacher. The Leidys are now retired and live six months of the year in Florida and six months in Ashland, Ohio.

Her memories of Home Page Country are linked to St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church, Cicero's Skating Rink ("I never did learn to skate backwards") and just growing up in the country where she says, "It was wonderful just not having to worry about safety, playing outside, riding bikes"....And all those things are linked to her hopes for the area...for it to stay safe, have more and better jobs and to keep its smalltown atmosphere.

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Funny Bones

The old big-game hunter is recounting his adventures to his grandson: "I remember I once had to brave eight ferocious lions with no gun, nothing but a knife to defend me. My life was at stake..."

"Granddad, the last time you told this story, there were only three lions!"

"Yes, but then you were too young to hear the terrible truth."

Bible Trivia


What group of people was commended for
comparing Paul's teachings with the Scriptures?

a. the Thessaloniansb. the Bereans
c. the Colosiansd. the Galatians
Acts 17: 10-11
See Saturday's Page for the answer.


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