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Tuesday, January 11 2005 


 Home Page Photo Feature 

Hi everyone,

Today I'm taking a break from the usual features that appear on the Tuesday Page and have decided to send you a photo feature to look at and hopefully get a chuckle or two. Some of the following photos you may have seen used here and there, some are "Bloopers," and some are like a lot of things in life that seemed like a good idea at the time...but weren't. And some haven't been used because of the change of seasons, or maybe a better photo came along. So before I put my old photos on CDs for storage I'd like to share a few of them with you. Enjoy!   


This photo taken from Route 219 shows what remains of the South Fork Dam. Heavy rains in 1889 broke through the earthen breast of the huge dam releasing a wall of water that raced down the valley to Johnstown, causing death and destruction. Many of the victims could not be identified and were laid to rest in Grandview Cemetery.


Blooper! ...This sand sculpture of an alligator was done by a crafty beach bum while on an outing to Virginia Beach. Note the black camera strap that spoiled this opportunistic photo moment. :~(


Pepsodent smile...You'll wonder where the yellow went, when you brush your teeth with Pepsodent! No, this is not a 'doctored' photo. This smiling canine is Suzette, my French Poodle.


Heavenly Felines...One of my all-time favorite Home Page photos. When you least expect to find the 'purrrrfect picture'...there it is.


Vintage Gum...On a trip to Punxsutawney, a stop at an old country store led to this find from the past. I thought these three flavors of chewin' gum were 'history'...not so, it seems! Did you have a favorite among these three? In these politically correct days, Black Jack would have to be sold as Jock Drakar...


Autumn Beauty...On an October trip to West 'By God' Virginia, my daughter leaned against that tree...resulting in a 'One of a kind' photo opportunity.


Slim pickin's...The first time I wandered into the Niner-Diner, I came across this not so pretty skeleton that appeared so real, I had to touch it to be sure it wasn't. 'Its/his/her' owners, Gwen and Ted Schrock say 'It's been in the family for years.'


Another 'Bad' idea...for a potential 'Photo of the Week' is this 20- foot-long string of venison sausages caught on pixels during a November trip to Lancaster County. It was one of those 'good-idea-at-the time' photos, but after downloading, these supposedly gastronomical delights looked more like a sink-full of fat worms....


Worth a thousand words...This was one of a series of in-utero fetal photos I downloaded from the web and had planned to use during our abortion debates with a certain list member who recently...and thankfully 'disappeared.' :~) 


My notes...often end  with From This Old House.  Here is a photo of This Old House dressed in the only measurable snowfall Home Page Country has 'enjoyed' this winter. We're neither bragging or complaining....just waiting to exhale!


Ooops!...This photo taken by Janet Toth has been the source of laughs for months. I'm betting the folks at the photo lab still haven't recovered from this one....LOL 

And last but not least...

Revenge is Sweet...The webmaster is usually very permissive as to what 'goes' in my features, but on one occasion we did sorta, kinda disagree and this was my revenge.

                                                         Judy Rose

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