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Monday, January 10 2005

Jon Kennedy, webmaster

A mantle passed

The most eye-opening book I read in 2004 was Total Truth by Nancy Pearcey, which I finished over the holidays. It adds a new layer of comprehension on the lengthy series of articles that began here on October 13, on thinking theoretically. The author staked a claim on the mantle of a major figure in American religion who died in 1984, Francis A. Schaeffer.

Pearcey studied with Schaeffer at his L'Abri community in Switzerland in her youth. I, incidentally and coincidentally, was introduced to Schaeffer early in my campus ministry in Santa Barbara, around 1970, shortly after his first book, Escape from Reason, appeared. A few years later I may have been the major exponent in the San Francisco Bay Area of Schaeffer's approach to thinking as a Christian during my Stanford University years, 1972-83 (based on the number of churches and other places where I taught variations of the Schaeffer approach). For my money, Pearcey won her bid for Schaeffer's niche in the Christian world.

Total Truth, c. 475 pages, presents and ably defends the proposition, which I also proposed in the series cited above, that Christianity works as a worldview that offers a door on every legitimate field of inquiry: science, humanities, and the arts in all their manifestations (painting, music, dance, poetry, fiction, film...), social science, political science, civil service and every other subject in the encyclopedia. Taking the Cultural Mandate and the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20) together, the Christian is challenged to go into all the world and not only preach the Gospel to every creature but infuse the Gospel into every academic and vocational area. My 1972 book, The Reformation of Journalism, was my attempt to do that in that field, for example. In our generation there have been notable strides in developing a universal philosophical matrix based on Christianity's creation-fall-redemption model, the Bible, and church tradition.

My own fulltime pursuit of these goals was cut off when I had to leave my Stanford ministry and go back into the private employment sector of the economy, and raise my three children as a single parent. The stepped-up reading program of the past ten years and the writing (here and on my Xnmp site) have been small steps back into that world and that commitment now that I'm approaching retirement age. Having had to spend most of my waking hours in industry (to use the term loosely) has meant my education has been hindered. Which is why I learned so much from Pearcey's book that I might have found years earlier under other circumstances.

Some of those findings will be our subject next time.

Webmaster Jon Kennedy 

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The happy couple

Joe had lived with his wife Mary in their little home deep in the woods for fifty years. To celebrate their fiftieth anniversary, he took her to the big city and they checked into an upscale hotel. Mary had a complaint for the bellman. "We refuse to settle for such a small room. We don't have any windows or fan, or even a bed!"

"But, Madam!"

Mary interrupted the man. "Don't you 'But, Madam' me!" she stormed. "You can't treat us like we're a couple of fools just because we don't travel much, and we've never been to the big city, and we've never spent the night at a hotel. I'm going to complain to the manager!"

"But, Madam," the bellman finally got out, "this isn't your room. It's the elevator!"

Thought for today

(In response to New York Times editorials regarding a UN spokeman's contention that America is stingy toward disaster victims) America's stinginess is a long-standing leitmotif for liberals—which is getting hard to square with their love for America. When it comes to heaping insults on America, U.S. liberals are the nation's leading donors.

Ann Coulter   
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