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Today's photo is Ted Shrock's Harley-Davidson Road King motorcycle, parked in front of the Niner Diner in Nanty Glo. I took the photo during my visit in October and decided to share it to the Forum members on behalf of the Geri-chicks, who were planning a motorcycle roadtrip at the time. Ted and his wife Gwen are owners of the Diner.

I'm baaa-ack. Please remind me to pay the phone bill next month. What a nightmare!

And ironically, little has changed on the "big news" I was waiting to break here a month ago. But a little has. The contract did come a week ago. I have signed it and returned it to the publisher, but I haven't had it returned from them yet with their signature, so it still may be a bit premature to start dancing in the streets. But as you've probably guessed, if you cared enough to give it a minute's thought, it's a contract to do a book. It's 85,000 words, 20 chapters, all of which is due by mid-January. I'm already 25 percent done so at this point I'm not panicking about the shortness of the deadline. I should have about 10 days off work over Christmas (three of which are vacation days and the others paid holidays and weekend days). But because of the deadline, I will probably not try to send more than one of these Jonal Postcards a week through the duration of the project, and Judy Rose has generously offered to continue sending her pages and Frank Charney's Sunday posts through the duration. I'll share more details when thinks are firmer.

Meanwhile, I'll try to get the new winter dressing on the Home Page by the end of today and start decorating for Christmas.

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Today's chuckle

A child's greatest period of growth is the month after you've purchased new school clothes.

— Sent by Trudy Myers

Thought for today

You can lead a man to Congress, but you can't make him think.

—Milton Berle

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