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Only two options are viable

It's been more than four months since I last commented here about Dennis Prager's worldview articles, though I have linked probably at least one each of those months on my other website, Xnmp. Prager, "a nationally syndicated radio talk show host, columnist and author of four books," has just published the twentieth in a series of articles on Judeo-Christian values, or worldview. As a Jewish conservative, or what I like to think of as "true Old Testament Jew," he espouses positions that I generally assent to; his "Judeo-Christian worldview" meshes with my biblical Christian worldview on many vital points. Column XX in the series, "There Is No Viable Alternative," touches so many of the same themes that I have raised here that I can't pass the opportunity to share some of his points. Part of my motivation for doing so is a response to a New Testament principle, "a prophet is not without honor, except in his own country." I often feel that I'm crying in the wilderness here in my home town forum, being rejected just because I'm too familiar, so I hope that getting a better known and more highly honored expert on these topics to reinforce my points may get through walls that I can't penetrate.

He summarizes his theme, "There is no Viable Alternative":

At this moment, there are three ideologies competing for humanity's acceptance: secular leftism, Judeo-Christianity, and Islam.

But Islam is not currently in the battle for men's minds. Outside (and even inside) the Muslim world, it gains power largely through force.

So to be a "viable" option, a worldview has to have a worldwide following that's gaining adherents, and is doing so through intellectual persuasion rather than violence or coercion. Prager explains: "secular and leftist values are the dominant values of most of the world's elites. If the editors of the major newspapers of the world assembled, they would agree on almost every moral and social issue. The same holds true for the world's academics, whether from America, Latin America, Europe or Asia. ...[S]ecular/leftist values are the only viable alternative to Judeo-Christian values." He even goes into some detail to discuss his own apprciation for Buddhist teachings, but argues that they are losing ground rapidly in Asia (where materialism is rapidly rising) and the versions of such teaching that are popular in some Western circles are poor representatives of the original religio-philosophical systems.

What I want to bring into focus, at the risk of being boringly repetitive, is his insistence that there are only two viable worldview options, and they are in an ideological struggle, competition, to gain world superiority. He doesn't strike me as being pessimistic about that struggle, but neither is he triumphalist, meaning he's not foreseeing a quick victory for "our side." He even expresses mild regret that a former third option, Marxist Communism, has lost the position it formerly had as a growing third force, because he thinks competition is good for us. And in this spirit of competition being a good thing, though it may get much worse before it gets better, I'm betting that the growing influence and political viability of Islam (especially in Europe) will eventually wake up the nominal Judeo-Christians of that continent, which will be a blessing in the long run.

I'm convinced, and it seems obvious from reading him that Dennis Prager is also, that the leftist/secularism he describes is morally and philosophically bankrupt and in the long run will collapse for lack of any foundation to stand on. It has produced Napoleon, Hitler, Stalin, Chairman Mao, and other materialist and megomanical despots, and this is what it will always do, given an upper hand in American or European society. Already the "liberalism" of Europe is trying to enforce totalitarian doctrines curbing freedom of expression (even freedom to preach biblical doctrine in the churches) in the name of political correctness and "tolerance," even if the tolerance being demanded is for evil. Given a few more victories like the "gay marriage reforms" in Canada and Spain this season, we will be right back to the brink of fascism, but this time the "final solution" will be aimed more at Christians than the Jewish minority.

Unless...we continue winning hearts and minds, one by one, never by coercion but by presenting a sounder, more viable, blueprint for life, liberty, and justice for all. That we can do.

—Webmaster Jon Kennedy

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