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Thinking globally vs. one-worldism. My handful of personal boycotts (mentioned in this corner in the past) doesn't include American Airlines and British Airways though I have had second thoughts about a promotion they have in common. Both airlines, which I've flown in recent years, are members of "oneworld alliance," which includes another half dozen airline partners. Though I believe that thinking globally (as introduced in Friday's Jonal) is sensible and aligns with Christian values, "oneworld," on the other hand, raises suspicions and reservations. In Christian circles extending from the American Bible belt to Orthodox Greece, "oneworld" is widely considered a goal and a tactic of the antichrist prophesied in the New Testament book of Revelation.

I'm not assaying an interpretation of that controversial prophetic epistle to the church catholic from the Greek island of Patmos by the Apostle John, but I've heard enough sermons and BIble studies touching it in my past to be suspicious of anything promoting "one world." Here's how that "pop theology" plays out. A world government, which was a threat and a promise by the Communists in their heyday, is considered a likely tool for the antichrist to manipulate to gain control over everyone on earth. It entails controlling world currencies (or replacing them with a credit system that scans an implant in the forehead of anyone doing commerce). This invokes images of "the beast" and of 6-6-6, his mark. Fans of biblical prophesy eat this stuff up. I'm not a fan...but the thing about propecy is that it's not as important to know and love it as it is to not disbelieve it. I'm not a strong believer of this interpretation...but I, like millions of others, won't discount its possibility and think it's important to keep in mind...just in case. And there's the little peripheral that I've never seen another interpretation that even tries to put the antichrist of Revelation in any other light. Everyone else, pretty much, just ignores it.

On the other hand, I have seen nothing that suggests that American Airlines and British Air are part of an antichrist conspiracy. Their choice of "oneworld" was most likely an unfortunate marketing gimmick.

Another aspect of the oneworld spectre is what it suggests about how we regard the United Nations. I grew up believing the World Council of Churches was a conspiracy intended to lead to a one-world church (of antichrist, the cleverest of usurpers of the true Savior's identity) and the United Nations a conspiracy to unite the world's governments into one world super government under—you guessed it—antichrist. That's probably far-fetched, but it does at least, shall we say, "inform" the way Bible-believing Christians approach that world debating society ensconced on Manhattan's East River. And if you want some prophecy-laden conspiracy theory, chew on this: The United Nations is housed in a headquarters donated by the Rockefellers, the liberal (i.e., non-Bible-believing) Protestants who have their hands in the world's currency pockets and are major bankrollers of World Council of Churches ecumenism and the propagation of liberal theology through "their" Riverside Church in Manhattan and its nextdoor neighbor, the bastian of theological modernism, Union Theological Seminary.

The biggest chink in this wall of "evidence" is that all of these, including the name Rockefeller, are far less influential and controlling now than they all were 50 years ago.

I've been telling readers of these Jonals for years that I don't believe in conspiracy theories, and it's still true. I don't. But—

The condition upon which God hath given liberty to man is eternal vigilance...

—John Philpot Curran, 1790

—Webmaster Jon Kennedy

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Many people quit looking for work when they find a job.

—Sent by Trudy Myers

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If men were angels, no government would be necessary. If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary.

—James Madison, fourth President of the United States (1751-1836)

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