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Headlines worth pausing to read and reflect upon

A requirement of my journalism ministry, Xnmp, is scanning hundreds of headlines every day in search of an appropriate lead story du jour. Some recent ones that haven't met the requirements for that use have nonetheless made me pause and reflect. Some headlines make me thankful I'm a social conservative.

One of three ten-year-olds in South Africa are sexually active. If you've been paying attention to these Jonals for the past several years, it won't surprise you that I believe the liberal media and liberal political theorists in this country are working for similar "progress" here. The earlier children are inducted into sexual activity, the less susceptible they will be to the "allures" of religion or morality. Simple arithmetical analysis of the 2004 Presidential elections demonstrates that the less religious people are, the better the liberal politicians will fare. And the more sexually "loose" people are, generally speaking, the less likely they are to take spirituality and sexual morality seriously, and so less likely to bother with church and any other institution likely to challenge their consciences.

Germany's biggest brothel will open in time for the 2006 Soccer World Cup. Wasn't there some controversy recently over the Vatican's disappointment with the European Union's refusal to mention the Christian roots of the Union in its now failed constitution? Maybe it's only I who see a connection with those earlier headlines and this new one. As well as a connection between the decadent liberalism of Europe as epitomized by Germany and France, the leaders of the anti-Christian clause in the Constitution. The more brothels, and the more they're used, the better the liberals will fare in future elections, throughout Europe as well as here in the West's "back waters." There is an undeniable, unbreakable, connection between "private morality" and political philosophy.

Mom pleads guilty to hosting sex parties for her son and his buddies. I cited this one last week when I was marshalling evidence for my case that "our" generation has failed to assume grown-up responsibilities and set moral examples. But it fits here, too...more evidence of the triumph of liberalism in our culture.

Billboard for porn site taken down after protests. The billboard above city streets around Massachusetts last week showed two naked men embracing, one behind the other, with only an American flag covering their "uglies," as one list member described that part of the anatomy last weekend. The ads paid for by a gay sex website were put up by Clear Channel Outdoor, one of the nation's largest advertising and broadcasting conglomerates, based in Phoenix. I'm inclined to second the opinion that another critic expressed: Isn't it ironic that in the first state to legalize "gay marriage," the gay crusaders, rather than rest on their "laurels," turn up the heat for full "normalization" of their sodomy-based lifestyle?

There are dozens of similar headlines every week, including many, these days, about school teachers being arrested on charges of introducing their underage pupils (or one of them) to sexual activity. All can be described as signs of the times. Though liberals moan about "conservative control" over the United States, many—in this it's not "just me"—have observed that though recent elections have seemed to be going conservative, the cuture is definitely not going that way.

—Webmaster Jon Kennedy

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