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Wednesday, April 6 2005
Jon Kennedy, webmaster

Why I'm a writer

I'm in two back-to-back lo-o-o-ng days of training at work and the toll that's taking is reflected in today's lack of inspiration for a Jonal entry. So I'll try something less than inspired.

In one of the small group sessions during Tuesday's training I mentioned to my "lab partner" that I write because I'm not very gregarious. Well, it wasn't that cut and dried, but that's what I meant. I think most writers get drawn into this calling because they lack the verbal acuity of a Robin Williams. If we could come up with a steady stream of clever oral repartee like Robin does, we'd probably never take the trouble to learn to type. But we need time to think of our clever repartee, even hone and edit it a few times before letting it out, and, at least in my case, even then it's never as clever as Robin's or any other genius's, comic or otherwise. But we can train ourselves through decades of careful bloodletting* to turn a phrase or two.

That's a big part, I think, of a great many writers' motivation for writing, at least in the "creative" sense of the word. But years ago in "family therapy" my counselor probed my childhood relationships with my parents and, based on my revelation that around our dad we Kennedy boys were expected to be seen seldom and heard even less, he concluded: "that, of course, is the reason you're a writer! You're trying to get your father's attention and approval, maybe even some grudging pride in his son the writer. Writing is the only 'safe' way you found to induce him to get to know you."

Clever guy, that shrink.

I think he had stumbled onto something. That and the fact that writing was easier, to me—a "natural talent"—than any of the other ways I might have been able to get Dad's attention.

Webmaster Jon Kennedy 

*One of the most quoted adages about the writing life is: "There's nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and open up a vein."—Walter Smith

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