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Good Morning Nanty Glo!

Tuesday, April 5 2005 
Home Page Photo Feature
Fabulous Flashbacks!

Nanty Glo High School 1951  "N" Club
Row 1--L. Prindle, M. Caranan, J. Misenko, J. Pattersom, P. Cavanaugh, V. Conti
Row 2--J. Millward, E. Funyak, W. Martin, N. Faarkas, M. Patarini
"N" Club Officers
President...Lex Prindle     Vice-President...Eugene Chiari    
Secretary...John Patterson     
Treasurer...Edward Funyak     Advisor...Mr. Gates

Blacklick Valley High School 1978
Spanish Club Officers
Row 1- Treasurer...Theresa Olsavsky     Mr. Kupchella...Advisor
Patty Anderson...Shari Oldham
Row 2- Secretary...Patti Patterson     President...Bryan Adams 

Nanty Glo High School 1949 Basketball Team
Left to right: R. Russel, J. Yoder, W. Swanheart, F. Kachick, S. Novotny,
D. Austin, R. Rudolph, D. Oldham, J. Gongloff, P. Cavanaugh

Blacklick Valley High School 1980 Cafeteria Staff
Left to right: Donna Kopsic, Colleen Galko, Josephine Lefko,
Mary LaMantia, Mary Gabelli

Nanty Glo High School Class of 1952
Home Economics Club
Seated, left to right:..D. Lindrose, K. Smith, E. Lindrose, D. Gamber
Miss Patterson, D. Thompson, J. Campbell
Standing:...G. Snedden, L. Wurm, G. Rudolph, B. Yenelouis,
P. Stretchko, P. Dunlap

Blacklick Valley High School Class of 1977 
Future Farmers Of America Club
Standing: M. McCain, F. O'Farrell, L. Hopfer, P. Hegedus.
Kneeling: T. Mackanick, R. Kania, R. Donaldson

Blacklick Valley High School 1977

Senior Class Officers

Judy Butz
Dan Gongloff 
Karen Crouse
Dan Shuman
Vice President

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The journey of a lifetime

Marriage is the process of finding out what kind of man your wife would have preferred.

Thought for today

Christian one-liners:
The best mathematical equation I have ever seen: 1 cross + 3 nails = 4 given.

Sent by Carl Essex  

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