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Good Morning Nanty Glo!

Friday, April 1 2005
Jon Kennedy, webmaster

Liberals, here?

We haven't had much luck with "liberals" here on the home page, at least—with only one or two exceptions—not those who take the left side of recent socio-political debate in the postcards department and the eforum. Those who've become "vocal" have tended to not stick around long, but even when they've tried to hold their ground they haven't seemed able to get much sympathy from the long-term members, even those who have outed themselves as Democrats or partisans of organized labor. Usually the advocates for liberal positions get belligerent, overbearing, or cloak themselves behind semi-anonymity (almost none of them sign their screeds) rather than participating in good humored give-and-take with the rest of us. And after such behavior runs its course for a while, the webmaster starts getting requests to ask them to leave. Though I consider it my job to give them as hard a time as I can in the forums, I'm disappointed that none of them have lasted long in the ring, so to speak, but am even more disappointed that none of them have been good debaters.

The most recent example is one who lasted as a member of the forum for only a couple of days. He undertook to lob verbal hand grenades at my Good Friday/Annunciation reflections about the tragic case of Terri Shiavo. But rather than politely addressing one or more of the points I made, his first post to the Forum was titled "Bad issue," a subject line not geared to endear himself to the one (that would be me) who chose the issue. Heck, it's hard enough to get any issue to talk about for 400 or 500 words three times a week, without an upstart newby calling me out for picking a "bad issue."

His assault was a single paragraph of one unsubstantiated* claim after another. And here we see, I think, a pattern in most of the self-proclaimed liberals who've tried to make their cases here and ended up leaving. They seem unschooled as debaters (which is ironic, as "the school" is often cited as "the church" of the liberal and education is hailed as the liberals' way of salvation).

What's so hard about engaging in polite conversation? Or using a little scholarly gentleness? "I thought you had some provocative things to say on Friday, but I disagree on some points..." buys you a license to speak. Then you can let me have it, instead of, in effect, coming out of the gate with "that other guy doesn't know what he's talking about and here's the truth about poor Michael Shiavo's humane attempt to help his brain-dead wife into her eternal rest."

So how about it? Will someone try to bring a little balance to this forum, and balance the effort not only with arguments but some class?

Webmaster Jon Kennedy 

Unsubstantiated here, by him, that is; I'm sure others making the same claims in some of the liberal media outlets have had some "documentation" they've used to bolster similar claims.

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