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Good Morning Nanty Glo!
    Friday, September 10 2004
Trip photo of the day
from Jon Kennedy

Reunion on the farm. Your webmaster (on the left in photo) and his brother Robert Kennedy, right, were guests at the Paul-Rummel Reunion at the family farm at White Mill (which is closer to Belsano, but has a Strongstown address) on September 4. June Paul Miller, center, is the matriarch of the family which is centered on what may be called a family 'compound' made up of three family homes on Harry Miller Road. The farm has been in Mrs. Miller's family for longer than that part of the County has been known as Blacklick Township. The organizer of the annual event, longtime Home Page friend and contributor of articles and other input, Trudy Rummel Myers, on learning I was planning a visit to the area that weekend, asked me to be her aunt June's 'surprise guest.' I'd been a guest in her home on several previous visits to Home Page country, as reported in earlier Jonals. What seemed like several scores of Pauls, Rummels, Millers, and relatives of other names, not to mention friends and neighbors, enjoyed a sumptuous open-air picnic on the farm and, more importantly, caught up on the lives of loved ones and old acquaintances.


Friday, September 10, 2004

As predicted several postcards back, it has taken several days to recover from the fatigue of our 24-hour marathon first day of travel from California back to Pennsylvania last week. Life goes on, and already a short week of work is closing.

Having missed our first day back "home" in Pennsylvania because of arriving 10 hours behind schedule, many of the hoped-for meetings and events had to be postponed. Once again, I had no opportunity to ride the Ghost Town Trail between Vintondale and Twin Rocks, as I've been hoping to do for several years. Nor did I have opportunity to call and possibly visit several Nanty Glo friends as hoped for.

Jon and Wayne Clapier at Johns-town's Inclined Plane Museum.

Unmentioned earlier, I did get to meet with a former classmate from seminary, whom I hadn't seen in some 35 years. We'd met and found much common ground as ministerial students in Philadelphia in the mid-'60s. Both Wayne Clapier and I had Methodism in our roots, but were ordained in the Bible Presbyterian denomination, but had both also migrated away from that church. Many years later, unknown by each other at the time, both of us had visited Russia and considered our trips there to be a fulfillment of dreams and hopes.

We had lost touch, but when Wayne and his wife were vacationing in Cumberland, Md., they encountered a tour group from Johnstown, one of whom was a considerably older retired former local Methodist minister. Remembering me, Wayne asked if there might be some chance they knew of me. The minister said the name might be familiar but he wasn't certain. But then he added, "if you really want to find your friend, go onto the Internet and enter his name in a search engine." And the rest is what you might guess.

Thanks to Wayne for driving up to Johnstown from Philadelphia for our meeting. Thanks to Trudy Meyers for arranging our reunion visit. to all the people we met again and for the first time at the Vintondale Homecoming, to Judy Rose for taking us to see where she gets those fantastic photos from "Mount Heisley" and to walk through the Schwab Estate in Loretto; the Goliases for their usual but always extraordinary hospitality, and Bob and my aunt Irma for joining us for breakfast at Granny's.

—Webmaster Jon Kennedy

Foreign approach

People in other countries sometimes go out of their way to communicate with their English-speaking tourists. Here is a compilation of signs seen around the world.


Advertisement for donkey rides, Thailand: WOULD YOU LIKE TO RIDE ON YOUR OWN ASS?

Thought for today

Politics is not a bad profession. If you succeed, there are many rewards; if you disgrace yourself, you can always write a book.

Ronald Reagan  

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