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Good Morning Nanty Glo!
Advent - 28 days to Christmas   Saturday, November 27 2004
Photo of the week
This week's photo by Judy Rose

Bottoms up!... I promised a picture of the crystal mugs the Historical Society has for sale, and here they are in brilliant living color. The mugs are available in clear (not shown), blue, and green.The mugs will be etched with the official NTAMHS logo which depicts mining, lumbering, and farming as hallmarks of the Valley's history. The shipping costs have been calculated to be $5 priority mail anywhere within the con-tinental United States. The etchings on all the mugs will be done by Generations Glass Etching of Mundys Corner. Total cost of a single mug is $15 and can be ordered by sending payment to: Nant-Y-Glo Tri-Area Museum and Historical Society, 942 Roberts Street, Nanty Glo, Pa. 15943.

Mystery Person
of the Week

"Who Am I?..."


  By Judy Rose

Who am I?


1. Graduate of: Nanty Glo High School
2. Year: 1948
3. Nickname: "Bill"
4. Caption from yearbook: Blond, wavy
    haired; known to his classmates as a
    persistant debater; prefers sophomores.
5. Favorite quote: *

UPDATE: Last week's mystery person was
   Patrick "Turtle" Gates.

History Tidbits
for the week

from the NTAMHS
2004 Historical Calendar


November 29 1934: Levinson store opens in new location, now the Book Building.


December 1 1952: Smithmyer Service Station and Restaurant in Cresson purchased for $102,000.


December 2 1952: Lloyd McMullen candidate for international union post.


December 2 1942: Sugar 3 lbs. for 18 cents; Pillsbury Flour 5 lbs. for 25 cents.


December 4 1952: Slab bacon 29 cents per lb.; butter 69 cents per lb at Penn Way Market.

Answer to Bible Trivia

"Golgotha," the site of Jesus'crucifixion, means the place of the skull.

Signs of our times

On a fence: "Salesmen welcome! Dog food is expensive."

Sent by Trudy Myers  

Advent Thought for today

If you judge people, you have no time to love them.

Mother Teresa  

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