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Advent - 33 days to Christmas      Monday, November 22 2004

Jon Kennedy, webmaster

Another set of redefinitions

My reading yesterday turned up an interesting elaboration of Friday's discussion of multiple definitions of words that I'll try to paraphrase in my own terms. The author of the book I was reading said that some philosophers have described the three foundation premises of Marxism as "a Christian heresy." Marxism (Communism 101) is thoroughly atheistic, not only denying the existence of a Creator-God, but actively trying to counter the consciousness of God throughout the culture, even going so far as to persecute believers when Communism had its strongest hold on the biggest bloc of Eastern European and Asia countries. So why it would be considered a "heresy of Christianity"? It's because Marx proposed direct alternatives to the three basic facets of Christian worldview: Creation, Fall, and Redemption, which we've been considering here for some weeks now.

Whereas Christianity (and its parent religion/worldview, Judaism) considers Creation the beginning of the material world through the direct action of an all-powerful God, Marxism proposes that matter is eternal, that it's self-creating and has been the source ("creator") of everything else that exists in the universe. Before Marx, there had been a philosophy of materialism that proposed that the universe was entirely matter, but described it as analagous to an infinite machine. Marx feared that such a "machine" had to have had a yet higher or "farther back" creator, just as every clock must have its clockmaker, which suggested a god, so he eliminated the machine and spoke entirely of the matter, the building blocks as it were, rather than the buildings, as self-created.

Whereas Christianity explains the existence of all manner of evil (wars, pestilences, death itself) in the world as a result of the Fall, as consequences of God's image-bearers' disobedience and attempted usurping of His sovereign Lordship, Marxism identifies the source of every evil as residing in the institution of private property.

Christianity holds that Redemption, the third basic tenet of its worldview, is the work of God through the second person of the Trinity, the Son Jesus Christ, who conquered death in order to render it—the wages of sin—no longer the last word in human life and more generally, God's cosmos. And as private property is the source of all evil in the Marxist view, the elimination of private property is the means of salvation, or redemption in the Marxist worldview. And the means of private property's elimination is the uprising of the working classes of the world, or "proletarian revolution." In more sophisticated terms, that is sometimes recast as "class anarchy."

This demonstrates again the point I was making Friday, that different views of the world of necessity come up with different definitions of the terms basic to language and life. But coincidentally, it's also a handle on what is probably the most robust and culturally (de)forming worldview still in competition with Christianity in the world. If the Marxist worldview is the structure on which you'd like to begin thinking analytically, these three building blocks are your entry steps in that process.

Webmaster Jon Kennedy 

Signs of our times

In a nonsmoking area: "If we see smoke, we will assume you are on fire and take appropriate action."

Sent by Trudy Myers  

Advent thought for today

I am very glad that our fashionable fiction seems to be full of a return to paganism, for it may possibly be the first step of a return to Christianity. Neo-pagans have sometimes forgotten, when they set out to do everything the old pagans did, that the final thing the old pagans did was to get christened.

G. K. Chesterton (1926) 

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