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Good Morning Nanty Glo!
        Friday, May 21 2004

Jon Kennedy, webmaster

More on hypocrisy

Though a general condemnation of hypocrisy intended to bring to our attention the insidious nature of this common human character flaw is valuable, citing specific cases is dangerous, even when the examples seem clear cut. Maybe, lest we fall into the sin of judgmentalism, we should stick to the biblical examples mentioned by the writers of Scripture and the Lord. Or at least we should stick to historical examples. Or...maybe we can try citing "mega-cases" of contemporary hypocrisy?

One of that kind that came to my attention on Thursday was the claim by famed Harvard attorney/professor Alan Dershowitz on a talk show that there can hardly be anything more hypocritical than the "outrage" over the prisoner abuse in Abu Ghraib Prison by Islamic politicians and journalists who remained silent for a generation as Saddam Hussein tortured and murdered tens of thousands of their fellow Muslim compatriots, and similar cries in other Islamic nations which routinely use what the West would label torture as part of their Islamic system of punishment and retribution for a host of criminal offenses.

Maybe some would also want to cite the hypocrisy of France's attempts to block US/Allied enforcement of the UN resolutions against Saddam last year, supported by Francophile American liberals, when it has turned out France was ensconced in a web of contracts and commerce with Saddam in a clear case of corrupt exchange of both western wealth and political favoritism for Iraqi oil. Likewise the UN itself was double-dealing with Saddam and Iraq, exchanging food money intended to help Iraqi underfed children for oil and kickbacks from Hussein.

Maybe only the most calloused conservatives would say it's a bit hypocritical for American politicians to bemoan the abuses in Abu Graib or the loss of innocent civilian lives in the war, while not only looking the other way, but voting to support, the torturous killing of full-term American babies by way of partial-birth abortions. It might be judgmental, or it may be something each and all of us are called before the great High Judge to condemn. It might even be that, as in the European Holocaust of the 1930's and '40s, our silence in the face of such injustice, inhumanity, and hypocrisy will return to judge us instead.

Webmaster Jon Kennedy 

Going down?

It is hard to understand how a cemetery raised its burial cost and blamed it on the cost of living.

Sent by Mary Ann Losiewicz 

Thought for today

Nobody can make you feel inferior without your permission.

Eleanor Roosevelt
Sent by Trudy Myers 

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