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Good Morning Nanty Glo!
                    Wednesday, June 9 2004

Jon Kennedy, webmaster

Chaos theory

You've probably heard that in the aftermath of 9/11 there were widespread claims in American Islamic communities that Israel and/or that country's American Jewish supporters, not Islamists, were behind the atrocities. The Jews are, of course, in the prevalent Islamic point of view, the bad guys. More recently, fringe members of the loony left have been speculating that it wasn't either Jews or Muslims who bombed the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and were on the way to destroy the Capitol in Washington when intercepted by daring patriotic passengers that fateful day, but covert operatives of the Bush White House and/or the Republican Party willing to pay the ultimate price in the cause of shoring up the President's faltering approval ratings. This time, Bush and the Republicans are the bad guys from the left's perspective, so why not attribute anything bad that happens to them?

In the same spirit of lunacy let me propose a counter theory which, if based on no more truth than either of the preceding ones at least has more weight of logic behind it. The Democrats, some Democrats, did it. As Exhibit One I offer this headline: "Judge who overturned partial-birth law [also] okayed public school Muslim prayers." U.S. District Judge Phyllis Hamilton, a Clinton appointee, ruled last December that it was lawful for a California middle school teacher to require students to recite Muslim prayers on their knees and role-play as Muslims. Exhibit Two: According to Wired News, four Democrat-controlled states and 322 municipalities have passed resolutions against the nation's main line of defense against future terrorist attacks, the Patriot Act, and calling for noncomplicity with the act's provisions.

Here's the logic: Why would the left rabidly support Islamists and undermine the efforts of our Federal government to defend our nation against terrorism, especially as Islamists are presumably religious fundamentalists and all religion is anathema to the loony left? Because since the decline of any credible Marxist revolutionary party in the world, the terrorists are the left's only hope for creating widespread chaos in relatively stable environments like the United States and the European Union. And the left depends on chaos in order to evolve to the next step in its and, in their perspective, the world's evolution.

Liberalism, which began in the enlightenment as a movement to defend Judeo-Christian values and traditions, has since the creation of the French Republic (1790s) on strictly "secular" underpinnings evolved (slowly, especially in this country until circa 1960) into a predominantly modernist and postmodern revolutionary force. In support of this proposition my Exhibit Three is the rants of Howard Dean that ended his bid for the Democratic Party's nomination; Al Gore's recent screaming claims that the Bush Administration has led us to ruin, and Hillary Clinton's blaming everything that she doesn't approve on a vast right-wing/religious right conspiracy. All three are chillingly reminiscent of the rants of Adolph Hitler at the apex of his power and Nikita Khruschev beating his shoe on the table at the United Nations while promising the world that his chaos-based religion would bury the Christian world. All three appear to me and others as borderline-terroristic calls to revolutionary chaos down upon the United States.

For more on this—call it Exhibit Four—I highly recommend an excellent essay, Supremely Modern Liberals, by James Hitchcock, professor of history at St. Louis University and a senior editor of Touchstone magazine, on that magazine's website (linked above).

Webmaster Jon Kennedy 

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Small difference

The other day someone told me the difference between a democracy and a peopleís democracy. Itís the same difference between a jacket and a straitjacket.

Ronald Reagan 

Thought for today

We will always remember. We will always be proud. We will always be prepared, so we may always be free.

President Ronald Reagan
Normandy, June 6, 1984 

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