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Good Morning Nanty Glo!

       Wednesday, July 28 2004 

Jon Kennedy, webmaster


On Monday I extolled the virtue of toleration, explored the parameters of intolerance, suggested that what one person may consider intolerance may be seen by another as broad-mindedness, and closed by saying rudeness is intolerable. Even that, in closer inspection, has to be qualified, however. Sometimes, I have to allow, rudeness is the least we can use to express outrage when outrage is warranted. But the incidents of such outrage being required are infrequent and even then slamming the door or slamming down the phone receiver ought to be used judiciously. To me, "I'm not interested" and putting (not slamming) down the receiver back in its cradle without more ado was judicious, back in the days when I had a telephone with a receiver and a cradle and on which I received telemarketing calls.

For a long time the Nanty Glo list has had a policy of low tolerance of rudeness. We don't allow rude (or crude) language on the forum; we don't allow members to send spam to the list while refusing to engage in the civil conversation the list is dedicated to, impugn the motives of other list members or Home Page staff members, and so on. In this case, being "intolerant" means just removing such people from the list and, absent a passable apology to those offended, barring them from rejoining. There are no "contracts," ballbats, or back alley bashings involved.

Fair comment, questions, and criticism are always welcomed, of course, so long as they are expressed in polite language. "I think your logic fails the test when you say bla bla bla..." is polite; saying, "I think you're a stupid neanderthal whose ideas are unworthy the wall in the restroom stall" is rude. Impersonal questioning, challenging assumptions and propositions, directly or indirectly, is on the right track; personal attacks and calling in question another member's character, integrity, intelligence, or motives are on the wrong track.

Monday's thoughts on intolerance inspired one reply:

    How can a person profess [to] be tolerant but appear to be intolerant by the things he/she says?

Again, as I stressed in Monday's Jonal, if you don't specify just what things I said strike you as intolerant, I can't help you. How could I begin to guess what anything "appears" to be to another person if the other doesn't get specific? I have never mastered telepathy! But I have never tried to "appear" to be anything I am not, and I'm telling you once and for all, I'm not an intolerant person! So there!

It seems there are Certain things that don't warrant your tolerance or "Patience" Homosexuals...abortions, Liberals...yada-yada.

On the contrary, my patience has never worn thin over any of these neighbors and phenomena. I've never yelled at a homosexual for being a homosexual, for admitting to practicing homosexual acts, or advocating homosexual cultural ideals (such as "gay marriage"). I've dialogued with many homosexuals in person and via correspondence and never have slammed a door, either figuratively or literally, to any of them. Same with liberals. I've never been impatient with any of the liberal columns that have been published here on the Home Page, nor have I restricted the flow of liberal ideas on the list or in the Forum Letters pages. Nor would I. But "disagreement" never equates with "intolerance."

As for yada yada, I have patience for yada yada up the yingyang.

Tolerance means tolerant of everything all the time...not just certain things some of the time Yes...No?

You mean flying airliners into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and White House? Exploding car bombs on the streets in front of embassies? Removing the heads of American businessmen who happened to wander into the wrong street in Baghdad or Mosule? Yes...No? Yes, tolerance is practiced some times and no, it's not always practiced to the same degree in every situation.

Did I sound rude just then? Believe me, I didn't mean to.

Webmaster Jon Kennedy 

Only in America

...are there handicap parking places in front of a skating rink.

Sent by Mike Harris  

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