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Thursday, July 15 2004

By Judy Rose

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Then and Now


Vintondale Inn...One of the finest hotels in Cambria County in its time, the Vintondale Inn was constructed around 1896. It catered to salesman and businessmen who came to Vintondale to do business with the Vinton Colliery Company. A jitney provided transportation to and from the railroad station. From 1896 to 1915, the hotel was owned as a private venture of Warren Delano, Dr. Abner Griffith, and Theodore Bechtel. In 1915, Delano, the surviving partner, conveyed the property to the Vintondale Inn Company for $1. During those years, the Bechtel Hotel was leased for $150 per month to various proprietors. A room at the Vintondale inn cost $2 per night. The taproom for the hotel was in the basement. Note the stairs at the right of the building. Later, it was used as a funeral parlor, and in the 1950s was occupied by the Teen Canteen. After the tragic death of Warren Delano in 1920, the hotel was sold to the Vinton Colliery Company which continued to use it to house state police and detectives when there were labor problems in Vintondale, especially in 1922 and 1924. By the late 1920s, the hotel was open only during the school year because teachers boarded there. The hotel closed in the 1940s and became the company office after fire destroyed the company store in 1943. Following the closing of the mines in 1968, the Vintondale Inn was razed and replaced by a new Herbert Daly Post of the Veterans of Foreign Wars.

Post card from the collection of William L. Martin



This is how the old Vintondale Inn site looks today.


Greetings from Home Page Country!

From Alexandria Virginia, Nanty Glo native Francis "Frank" Charney
and his wife, Rose, on a recent visit to Home Page Country.
"Hi everyone!"

Funny Bones

"I'm lonely," Adam told God in the Garden of Eden. "I need to have someone around for company."

"Okay," replied God. "I'll give you the perfect companion. She is beautiful, intelligent, and gracious... she'll cook and clean for you and never say a cross word."

"Sounds great," Adam said. "But what's she going to cost?"

"An arm and a leg," answered God.

"That's pretty steep," replied Adam. "What can I get for a rib?"


Bible Trivia

Which of the following is not on the Apostle Paul's
list of things to think about?

a. Whatever is true   b. Whatever is pure   c. Whatever is lovely
d. Whatever is pleasing

See Saturday's Page for the answer.


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