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Good Morning Nanty Glo!

       Wednesday, July 14 2004 

Jon Kennedy, webmaster

It's your home page

Time to recapitulate a few thoughts and ideas about the Nanty Glo Home Page.

From its beginning, the idea behind the Nanty Glo Home Page has always been that it's a service to the whole community, open to full participation by all members of the community. We have from the beginning offered free personal and nonprofit organization and community project web pages under NGHP, to all members of the Blacklick Valley community, current and past, and the offer still stands. (Commercial web pages are also available at a modest charge.) We have been providing free family and personal home pages from the beginning of the website, during which time "major" free homepage sites like Geocities have gone the way of many of the early promotions on the Internet, fallen by the wayside or merged into larger and less accessible enterprises. All of our free pages are linked on the links page, along with other pages representing Blacklick Valley people and their interests. We have never turned down a request for a personal page, community-interest, or nonprofit organization page and have always tried to facilitate all such requests.

The other day I received an email asking why the Home Page doesn't have a department for the Historical Society. If you've missed it, I'm glad you asked. We have been reporting on the Nant-Y-Glo Tri-Valley Museum and Historical Society (NTAMHS) since before its organizational meeting, and the Nanty Glo Home Page is the home of the NTAMHS's own website. Ten of its most important background and promotional pages are linked on the rollover NTAMHS layer, which opens when you slide your cursor down the Home Page navigational menus on the left side of the Home Page. Besides those 10 pages, there are 90 "Old News" pages produced under the auspices of the NTAMHS, and scores of excerpts from the NTAMHS's Blacklick Valley CD scattered throughout the Home Pages.

Besides the items mentioned thus far, the Home Page is for and about the entire community also in the sense that we have published 316 letters from members of the community—the community in the geographical and the interest sense, as letters have been received and published from all over the United States and abroad in the past almost seven years. We have never turned down an emailed letter intended for publication on the Home Page. Beyond this, we have always solicited, and have published, dozens of essays, reminiscences, and reflections submitted by current and former residents of Nanty Glo, Blacklick Township, Vintondale, and Jackson Township, and again have never turned down anything submitted for such a purpose.

We've put a class page for every high school class of all five of the high schools that have served the Valley since the first class graduating in 1929, and we have published every photograph from class histories or reunions that has been submitted.

So, please get to know your home pages better and, if you're up for it, make more use for it as your own way of reaching out to old and new friends, family members, and the whole world that's connected to the Internet.

Finally: What can we do better? Do you have difficulty finding what you're looking for at the Home Page? (Google now finds more than 3,900 discrete pages under the nantyglo.com address, and there are probably even more photographs and clippings than pages there.) Could the navigation tools work more simply? Please let me know your thinking and how we can be of service.

Webmaster Jon Kennedy 

Senior's T-shirt

On the front: 60 is not old.
On the back: If you're a tree.

Sent by Trudy Myers 

Thought for today

The proper rewards are not simply tacked on to the activity for which they are given, but are the activity itself in consummation.

C.S. Lewis
Weight of Glory 

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