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Good Morning Nanty Glo!

       Friday, July 9 2004 

Jon Kennedy, webmaster

Touring New Mexico-what to see-2

I took two evening side trips out of Albuquerque and both were first-order touring experiences worthy of the best vacations. On a cloudy but still high-visibility Tuesday evening I struck out to the north east, by way of Rio Rancho (which I gather is Albuquerque's main affluent suburb, about 10 miles out of town). I was curious about it because my mentor on my work assignment and his wife were building a new home there. Also, they'd told me that driving in that direction would take me through some Indian pueblos ("village" in Spanish), something I had never made a point of seeing before.

I took New Mexico route 448 out of the city and through the Pueblo of Corrales, a village as quaint and colorful as anything you'd find in the old world, the Old West, or Mexico. I'd had no plan after this point, but as the evening was still young and I wasn't yet hungry, I decided to keep going north east (toward the famed "Four Corners" where New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, and Arizona meet; I had been to that unique spot on another trip across the country and had no intention of going that far this evening, but I now decided to drive until about dark and double back to Santa Fe, where I hoped to have a late dinner). The scenery got more interesting as I got past Rio Rancho, turning west on US 550, the Aztec Highway.

A few sprinkles turned into rain requiring me to learn how to use the intermittent wipers on the rented Mustang, but I was through the rain by the time I reached San Ysidro, another and equally picturesque pueblo. Here New Mexico 4 cut off to the north, toward Los Alamos, which I had driven to from Santa Fe on a previous visit, promising more pueblos to see as well as the Zia Indian Reservation and Bandelier National Monument ("Best known for mesas, sheer-walled canyons, and the ancestral Pueblo dwellings found among them, also includes over 23,000 acres of designated Wilderness").

Most of the route parallels the Frijoles Canyon, which affords spectacular views and is dotted by increasingly interesting pueblos, some of which spread out in size to full-fledged towns.

As I made my way up from the Canyon toward Los Alamos, the rains returned in earnest and helped hasten the deepening darkness. I turned right on US Route 84 toward Santa Fe. Though a major divided highway after the narrow sparsely traveled route 4, it was under construction, extremely busy, the heavy rain had turned into an incessant downpour, so when I neared Santa Fe and saw a sign offering a bypass (New Mexico 599) back to Interstate 25 and Albuquerque, I gladly took it. It took me wide of Santa Fe and I decided to drive on through to Albuquerque for a late dinner there.

I had planned to end the New Mexico coverage with this Jonal entry, but still have the best touring finds to report and this is already lengthy, so will plan to conclude, now, on Monday.

Webmaster Jon Kennedy 

Now you know everything (facts and allegations)

13. Walt Disney was afraid of mice.
Pearls melt in vinegar.
15. The three most valuable brand names on earth: Marlboro, Coca Cola, and Budweiser, in that order.

Sent by Mary Ann Losiewicz 

Thought for today about growing older

Long ago when men cursed and beat the ground with sticks, it was called witchcraft. Today it's called golf.

Sent by Karl Essex 

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