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Good Morning Nanty Glo!
Friday, Febbruary 13 2004

Jon Kennedy, webmaster

Topic A

I look for topics for these Jonal entries three times a week, and not always with great success, but I look for articles to link on my Christian News and Media Portal site, Xnmp, every day of the week, and try to say something worth considering to accompany the linked headlines every day as well. I prefer topics for the Xnmp site that seem to point to "changes in the way the wind is blowing" in current American culture, and, to me, that is most often something that has spiritual implications and/or ties to "organized religion" or efforts to undermine religion. Christianity is always atop the list of things I examine as possible article links, but so are Jewish, Islamic, secular humanist, and developments in related movements like business ethics and the sexual revolution.

Several weeks ago I found an essay by an Islamic writer that seemed to have good insight into the current crisis between the West, as they call it in his part of the world, and the Islamic Middle East. I was pleased to find something well thought out and written to highlight a religious community that has taken center stage in our times but that we don't understand as well as we should. But reading on, I found a problem. He referred to the "Bible's assertion that the world is flat." I knew that this was untrue and thus the article couldn't be recommended. In fact, I knew that the Old Testament describes the earth as a sphere (Isaiah 40:22) and refers to God hanging the earth on nothing (Job 26:7).

Well, if I had had to give up a lead for Xnmp, at least this could become a topic (subtopic?) for a Jonal entry. Except that knowing that the Old Testament has a reference to the world as a sphere and its being hung on nothing by God...and knowing where to find those references (Isaiah 40:22 and Job 26:7) are two different things. Internet Bible portals like the one linked on Xnmp make it so easy to look up all manner of biblical topics that they make me fantasize about how much better I might have been as a preacher if I'd had a computer with Internet access back when I was in the ministry. Born too early again.

Then this week, again while looking for a lead to link on Xnmp, I discovered a weblog discussing "Evidences for Christianity." It had the aforementioned Old Testament passages among dozens of other historic, linguistic, and scientific "evidences," and, voila, there were the references I was looking for. I consider that divine providence.

Webmaster Jon Kennedy 

One Liners On Life (last of series)

Brain cells come, and brain cells go, but fat cells live forever.

—Sent by Trudy Myers 

Thought for today

Love is not blind - It sees more and not less, but because it sees more it is willing to see less.

— Will Moss

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