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Good Morning Nanty Glo!
        Friday, April 9 2004

Jon Kennedy, webmaster

Evolution and UFOs

An email on Thursday responding to Wednesday's thoughts about the Shroud of Turin, asked, "Do YOU believe it to be authentic?" I replied, "I think most serious Christians would like to have confirmation of such a thing, but I don't believe that's possible in any absolute sense. Still, the evidence in this PBS documentary undermining the previous 'finding' via carbon dating of the Shroud originating in the middle ages is encouraging. I don't take 'positions' on things I've not seen sufficient evidence about. I see overlaps here with evolution and UFO's. Maybe I'll explain that in tomorrow's Jonal." This being "tomorrow," a few thoughts on that topic.

Though I think the Shroud's authenticity as the burial cloth during Jesus' time in the tomb cannot be proven, I did think that the most absurd speculations in the PBS program were from those who, unlike your servant, have already closed their minds on the subject, claiming it couldn't possibly be anything like what many hope. Like the opponents of The Passion of the Christ, they seem to be grasping at any flimsy straw of "logic" or "evidence" to disprove anything that could reinforce the faith of God-fearing people.

This has long since been my observation about evolutionists. As my University of Pittsburgh philosophy professor first brought to my attention, evolutionists speak of "the missing link" to close the gap in evolutionary development as though it's merely a matter of what separates human beings and the higher apes that hasn't yet been found to absolutely prove the ascension of the species from the mud to the skies. To the contrary, he told us, there are missing "links" between one and the "next" of thousands of "pairs" of species studied by evolutionists. This simple awakening, more sensible than anything ever admitted in any of my high school science classes, made me suspicious ever after of evolutionists and inclined me to distrust the motives behind their quests to disprove "creation."

I'm no expert in any science, much less biology, so I can't discount evolution in the face of how much support it gets around the scientific world. I suspect there is some evolution, but as one of my graduate school professors often said, there's a lot more "devolution," and in Christian terms that's the only "lution" that we can base faith and life and death considerations on.

Like the Shroud of Turin, there's a large part of me that wants to believe in UFOs. I'm a fan of the TV series and specials that treat them and never miss another movie tour of Area 52 or Roswell, New Mexico. But although I've seen enough to believe there's something in all this excitement, I can't profess to "believe in" flying saucers. They may be, after all, swamp gas, or (even more likely) American military experiments.

Webmaster Jon Kennedy 

Country wisdom

Teachers, moms, and hoot owls sleep with one eye open.

—Sent by Mary Ann Losiewicz 

Holy Week thought for today

Death overcame our forefather Adam on account of his transgressions and like a fierce wild animal it pounced on him and carried him off amid lamentation and loud wailing. Men wept and grieved because death ruled over all the earth. But all this came to an end with Christ. Striking down death, he rose up on the third day and became the way by which human nature would rid itself of corruption. He became the first born of the dead, and the first fruits of those who have fallen asleep. We who came afterward will certainly follow the first fruits. He turned suffering into joy, and we cast off our sackcloth. We put on the joy given by God so that we can rejoice and say, “where is your victory, O death?”

— St. Cyril of Alexandria 
378-444 A.D. 

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