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Good Morning Nanty Glo!
        Wednesday, April 7 2004

Jon Kennedy, webmaster


Connie, a member of the list that receives these Postcards daily and also exchanges occasional reminiscences about the Valley, our lives, and sharing of ideas and opinions, wrote:

Would anyone care to comment or ask why
my favorite book is The Thorn Birds
my favorite movie is The Way We Were
my favorite music is Ebb Tide and theme to Picnic
my favorite food is pizza or prime rib (horseradish mandatory)
my favorite color is pink and has been for as long as I can remember

or would you rather share yours? I'd like to know.

Knowing that Connie was ahead of me in high school several years, I can well guess why "Ebb Tide" (the 14th most popular song of 1953) and "Theme to Picnic" (ninth on the 1956 hit parade) are her favorite songs; both are remembered well also by myself who even bought records of them in my youth. Those songs and the fondness for pizza, I'd guess, are associated in her mind with indellible and pleasant memories, something like a high school dance or a skating party at Cicero's where she danced or skated to the songs played over the sound system, followed, perhaps, by a stop with friends at Merlo's or The Cottage for pizza. In fact, for most of us of that era, such scenarios played out to the same songs probably more than once.

Prime rib is one of my favorite dinner entrees also, but I won't venture a guess that my reason has anything to do with Connie's. Mine, I'd guess, is that it was such a luxury for a household like the one I grew up in that I probably never had it until I was high school and then it was probably at a banquet I'd been invited to attend. Later, I worked at a luxurious resort for several years and one of the perks was as many prime rib dinners I could eat each week...needless to say, I ate more than a few.

I'll propose that pink may even be called the color of the 1950s. Pink and black were not only Elvis Presley's favorites, they were common two-tone combinations in a lot of popular cars of the decade, especially the 1956 Ford Fairlanes. And as I recall, they were the colors of at least one of the graduating classes of BTHS in the latter half of the '50s.

The Thorn Birds came later (1977, and a year later it received a then-record $1.9 million purchase price for the paperback edition rights). I've never read it, so I don't think I get a guess on this choice on Connie's list. I do, however, have a little vignette to share about the Colleen McCullough classic. When it came to TV in 1983, the Catholic Church put up a howl about ABC's choosing to run a miniseries about a priest's secret sex life during Holy Week (and this was years before Michael Eisner and Disney Studios gained control of ABC and turned it into what many would call the most anti-Christian of the generally anti-Christian US TV networks). I agreed with the church's point, even though I was in ministry under Protestant auspices at the time, and refused to watch it at that time.

It wasn't until several years later, when the miniseries was rerun, that I got around to watching it. I was captivated by it and still think it stands alongside Roots as one of the best miniseries ever made for television.

Oh, I failed to speculate on The Way We Were (1973). Many say that you either love Barbra Streisand (its star, though Connie might better remember Robert Redford's role) or hate her; I don't love her, and personally thought the movie, which I did see, was one of the most maudlin schmaltzy romances I ever saw; down alongside Gigi as a total waste of movie-watching time. (Sorry, Connie.)

Webmaster Jon Kennedy 

Country wisdom

To know how country folks are doing, look in their barns, not their houses.

—Sent by Mary Ann Losiewicz 

Holy Week thought for today

Do we forgive our neighbors their trespasses? God also forgives us in His mercy. Do we refuse to forgive? God, too, will refuse to forgive us. As we treat our neighbors, so also does God treat us. The forgiveness, then, of your sins or unforgiveness, and hence also your salvation or destruction, depend on you yourself, man. For without forgiveness of sins there is no salvation. You can see for yourself how terrible it is.

— St. Tikhon of Zadonsk  

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