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Good Morning Nanty Glo!
        Thursday, October 16 2003 

NO. 66  
This page put online October 16, 2003
Old Nanty-Glo Journal News
from the Nant-Y-Glo Tri-Area Museum and Historical Society

JUNE 27, 1935

Mercantile Appraiser's list for the year 1935


A & P Tea Co., The Great ... Grocery

American Stores Co. ... Grocery

Audroskovitch, Anthony ... Grocery

Aras, Augustine ... Grocery

Barr, A. J. ... Tobacco

Barzdo, Mike ... Grocery

Bendinelli, Frank ... Grocery

Book, A. ... Meat

Boston Confectionery ... Confections

Burgess, Geo., & Son ... Florist

Cambria Mercantile Co. ... Genl Mdse

Cambria Supply Co. ... Genl Mdse

Cavanaugh, Clara, Mrs. ... Confections

Central Market ... Meat-Grocery

Central Trading Corp. ... Genl Mdse

Ceria, Alfonzo ... Tobacco

Charney, Michael ... Tobacco

Charney, Michael ,,, Tobacco

Cherkala, Jno. ... Tobacco

Ciotti, Jno. ... Grocery

Deretz, Victoria ... Grocery

Dietrich, A. A. ... Hardware

Dino, A. ... Trucker

Dino, A. ... Grocery

Donofsky's, H. ... Dept. Store ... Genl Mds

Economy Shoe Store ... Shoes

Edelstein, A. J., Big Store ... Genl Mdse

Fruhlinger's Cash Market ... Meat-Grocery

Hagan, Andrew ... Cash Grocery

Heisley Coal Co. ... Supplies

Heisley Store Co. ... Genl Mdse

Jeannette's Dress Shop ... Gowns

Kelly's Svc. Sta. ... Gas & Oil

LaMantia Garage ... Gas & Oil

LaMantia, Philip ... Confections

Lamonica, Sadie ... Grocery

Laurer Motor Co. ... Autos

Leone, Louise ... Tobacco

Levinson's Store ... Genl Mdse

Lokos, Steve ... Grocery

Luigi, Charlie ... Meat-Grocery

Malcotti, D ... Tobacco

Martinazzi, Sam ... Meat-Grocery

Mihalik Drug Store ... Drugs

Mihalik Drug Store ... Drugs

Miller, Peter ... Grocery

Monfardine, A. ... Grocery

Musso, Teresa ... Grocery

Nanty-Glo Lumber Co. ... Builders Sups

Ondriezek, George J. ... Undertaker

Racci, Joe ... Confections

Racci, Joe ... Confections

Rineharts Pharmacy ... Drugs

Ross, James ... Tobacco

Rudy's Cash Market ... Meat-Grocery

Rudy's Cash Market ... Meat-Grocery

Silver Front Store ... Meat-Grocery

Silver Front Store ... Meat-Grocery

Sklarsky, Chas. ... Shoes

Smokovich, Nestor ... Grocery

Sterling Sve. Sta. ... Gas & Oil

Sterling Sve. Sta. ... Gas & Oil

St. James Hotel ... Tobacco

St. James Hotel ... Tobacco

Sybert, Wm. J. ... Flour - Feed

Tecky, Joe ... Tobacco

Webster Coal-Coke Co. ... Supplies

Wilkins, G ... Magazines

Wissinger's Market ... Meat-Grocery

Yarema, Mike ... Tobacco

Zito, Louis ... Grocery


LaMantia, Phillip ... Produce

Nanty-Glo Lumber Co. ... Lumber

Sybert, Wm. J., Est. ... Feed


Barr, A. J.

Boston Confectionery

Ceria, Alfonzo

Charney, Michale

Charney, Michale

Cherkela, Jno.

Malcotti, D.

Ross, James

St. James Hotel

St. James Hotel

Tasky, Joe

Yarema, Mike

Note: I do not know why some of the businesses were listed twice and the spelling was copied as written. Next week Vintondale.


FEBRUARY 9, 1950


Seated left to right, front row - Virginia Woodring, Louise Walker, Mrs. Cuthbert Hayes, Doreen MacBlane, Loretta Shreve, Ruth Ray, Mrs. Jane Martin, Mrs. Louis Sabo;

Standing, left to right- J. R. Garis, Ann Ceneski, Mrs. John Travis, Mrs. George Commons, Mrs. Frank Kovach, Ann Krempasky, Jack Rodgers, Harry Garis, Roy Commons, Herbert Hibbard, John Hawksworth and H. G. Harris.

Absent when picture was taken, Phyllis Price and Doris Findley.

Heisley Store employees had their final get together, Saturday evening, Feb. 4th, in the form of a banquet in the dining room of the Methodist Church. The tables were decorated with flowers and Valentines, and at 6:00 o'clock the ladies of the church, under the supervision of Mrs. Roy Feeley, served a delicious meal.

The employees have been an active group holding banquets for each one that entered the military service, and likewise for anyone getting married. All were presented gifts. Each year they held a store picnic. So it is with a feeling of sadness that they held their last get together as they will all miss the fellowship and good times enjoyed in the service to the store and the community. All of the employees join with the writer in wishing Howard G. Harris, the store manager, success and happiness in whatever he undertakes to do. He has been one of the best and most popular of bosses. The Heisley employees were affiliated with Local Union No. 195, United Construction Workers. The officers were, Mrs. Cuthbert Hayes, President: Viola Rodgers, vice present; Mrs. Jane Martin, secretary, and Mrs. John Travis treasurer.

Mrs. Travis, formerly Margaret Price, manager of the grocery department has been with the company 20 years, starting with the Allen Supply, operated by Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Allen. Mrs. George Commons, the former Kathryn Hutchinson, buyer for the hardware department, has been with the company 15 years. Mrs. Rose (Ceria) Hayes, buyer for the dry goods department, has been with the company 13 years. "Pappy" J. R. Garis of the meat department, has been on the job 15 years. Each person invited a guest, some of them being from out of town - Ebensburg, Cresson and Johnstown.


End ... BLH

 Think about it (but not too long)

What do you call a fish with no eyes? A fsh.

—Sent by Bill Dalrymple 

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