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Good Morning Nanty Glo!
        Thursday, October 9 2003 

NO. 65  
This page put online October 9, 2003
Old Nanty-Glo Journal News
from the Nant-Y-Glo Tri-Area Museum and Historical Society

AUGUST 28, 1947

United Mine Workers Hand Out First Welfare Fund Checks

Officers of Local 1386 U. M. W. of A. delivered three $1,000 checks from the Miners Welfare Fund here on Saturday, to widows of miners who were entitled to receive same. Shown in the picture are officers presenting the first check given out here, to Mrs. Bessie V. Watson of 1056 Hill St., widow of Oscar Watson who died on October 25, 1946. Sitting at the table is James Noble, president of the local. Standing, left to right are Lloyd McMullen, recording secretary; Louis Gebacz, treasurer; Arnold Gabelli, financial secretary; Jeno Zamboni, vice president, and Mrs. Watson. The other two women receiving checks on Saturday were Mrs. Rose Simmons of 28 Springfield, widow of John Simmons who died April 13, 1947 and her daughter. Mrs. Elizabeth Toth of 27 Springfield, widow of James Toth who was stricken with a heart attack while leaving the Springfield mine and died on June 4, 1946.


JUNE 27, 1935

Mercantile Appraiser's List for the Year 1935

Dealers in Foreign and Domestic Merchandise, Brokers and Keepers of Eating Houses, Billiards and Pool Tables, Nine and Ten Pin Alleys, Opera Houses, itc., in Cambria County, Pennsylvania, are hereby notified that they are appraised for Mercantile and other Licenses for the year 1935, as follows:

The license is due on the 1st day of May; if not paid to the County Treasurer before Sept. 1 of each year suit will be brought to recover the same within thirty days. Act of June 14, 1901. Remit promptly to Harve Tibbott, County Treasurer, Ebensburg, Pa. And enclosed statement.


ADAMS, S. Ward ... Genl Mdse; ALMADY, Nick ... Grocery;

American Stores Co. ... Grocery;

Big Bend Supply Co. ... Genl Mdse: Cardiff Supply Co. ... Genl Mdse

Commercial Coal Co. ... Supplies; DAERR, Nick ... Gas & Oil;

DUGAN, Mike ... Tobacco;

EDWARDS, Merton ... Genl Mdse; Fairlawn Store ... Grocery;

HAHL L. I. ... Gas & Oil;

KOVACH, Steve ... Genl Mdse;

LIND, Gust ... Gas & Oil;

LOSURDO, F. A. ...Genl Mdse;

LUCHICK, Jno. ... Gas & Oil;

LUCHICK, Jon ... Gas & Oil;

LUDWIG, Jno ... Confections;

MILLER, Merville ... Coal;

MILLER, Ralph ... Gas & Oil;

MISTRETTA, Charles ... Confections;

ORR Motor Co. ... Gas & Oil;

SHADDEN, B. ... Genl Mdse;

SZUNYAGH, Frank ... Tobacco;

VIZI, Joe ... Grocery:

VOLESEN, Metro ... Shoes:



BELLMAN, Jos. ... Gas & Oil

CARMEL, Jno... Gas & Oil

DICK, R. C. ... Gas & Oil

GOUGHNOUR, C. B. ... Grocery

GROY, Eva. ... Tobacco-Gas

JENKS, E. N ... Grocery

JONES, D. O. ... Gas & Oil

KAULINSEY, Mildred ... Confections

LEIDY, Geo. A....Gas & Oil

MACKALL, James lll Grocrey

MICHAELS , Lester ... Gas & Oil

MUNDY'S Corner Garage...Gas & Oil

MUNDY'S Corner Cafe ... Tobacco

Penn Way Tea Room ... Gas & Oil

RHODES, Everett ... Grocery

RHODES, Everett ... Grocery

SHUMAN, Clair ... Gas & Oil

STENNETT, William ... Gas & Oil

WHITE, Peter ... Gas & Oil




St. Mary's Church Photo

The Historical Society needs your help in identifying these boys.


End ... BLH

 Think about it (but not too long)

Apparently, one in five people in the world are Chinese. So, since there are five people in my family, one of them must be Chinese. It's either my mom or my dad...or maybe my older brother Colin or my younger brother Ho-Cha Chu. But I'm pretty sure it's Colin.

—Sent by Bill Dalrymple 

Thought for the day

The most powerful education our children get is the good or bad example of those in authority.

— Attributed to George Washington by Alan Keyes

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