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Good Morning Nanty Glo!
             Tuesday, October 7 2003  

Generations Glass Etching
A new local Mom-and-Pop business

One of Home Page country's newest "Mom and Pop" businesses is Generations Glass Etching in Mundys Corner at 174 Old Nanty Glo Road. Owned and operated by Maureen and Bill Ola, the business was launched in June 2003 and is a combined effort with Maureen doing the artistic planning and designing and Bill doing most of the hands on labor.

Maureen and Bill Ola

The Olas use two methods of engraving. One is done with a hand-held, high-speed, compressor-powered stylus that is 4000 times faster then a Dremel engraving tool. The design is either applied free-hand or by the use of a stencil. The other method is done by sandblasting away a special rubberized film, leaving the intricate design behind.

The variety of objects that can be transformed by the Ola's talent is almost limitless. "'If it can be put on paper, we can put it on anything you have,' is our motto," says Bill. On display in their workshop were several intricately decorated mirrors, glass goblets, even a garage sale-purchased vase. Maureen and Bill have made items for Nanty Glo-Vintondale Rams Alumni from the 1940s, and make items for fundraising and promotional projects. "We apply school logos to various objects and give special prices to schools and in general our prices are very reasonable," Bill said. "The most unusual item we've done is an urn for holding cremated human remains," Maureen added.

A variety of etched items

An etching on a glass.

"The Cambria County Fair was our coming out party," says Maureen, "And we've gotten a lot of positive feedback." Eventually, the Olas hope to expand their operation to include more work in engraved sandblasted local sandstone which, according to Maureen, is soft and easily tolerates the engraving process. The Olas are also thinking about offering a wedding package in the future which would include planning, engraved glasses, engraved picture frame for holding a wedding picture, or invitation, and the rental of doves.

Christmas scene on glass.


Bill Ola is from Windber and has been a steelworker and truckdriver. Maureen is a Jackson Township native and a drafter trained in graphics and design. Married since 1994, both have grown weary of the local unstable employment situation and decided to combine their talents and take the risk of starting their own business. "We will succeed," says Maureen, "And we would like to thank Mr. and Mrs. Ron Mahalko of Creative Graphics and Signs, who have helped us a great deal with helpful information...they've been our primary mentors."

The Olas, will have their wares on display and for sale at the St. John Vianny Craft Show October 11-12, Currently, the Olas depend on word-of-mouth advertising, and hope to market their products via Internet sales in the near future. Their business website can be found on the Brides to Be icon on www.wjactv.com. They can be contacted at Generations174@yahoo.com and at (814) 749-7004.

The Nanty Glo Home Page wishes Bill and Maureen Ola and Generations Glass Etching a prosperous future.

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