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Good Morning Nanty Glo!
           Monday, March 31 2003 

Jon Kennedy, webmasterOnion snow

A friend from the Valley wrote yesterday: "We have four inches of snow!...it's enough to make a person take to bed and hide under the covers! I guess this is the onion snow." Though I can't say I've ever heard of "onion snow" before, I knew immediately what it meant. (Or at least I thought I did.) Onions are the first vegetable planted in the spring, able to withstand more severe weather than most, so it's the planting that's most likely to get some snow. So the onion snow would be a late snow.

Of course we Allegheny mountains folk know this isn't an especially late snow. When my brothers and I held a belated (late by only about 15 years) "Golden Wedding" fete for our parents in Lakemont around 1990, it was held, perfectly logically, a month after the folks' wedding anniversary, the first weekend of May. It snowed that weekend. And more than one local resident lamented to this visitor from sunny California that it's not really unusual to see some flurries on Mother's Day (which falls on the Sunday after the first full week of May or some such formula).

Copyright UPJ 2003I checked the Pitt Cam to see if my friend's weather report was true, and sure enough. The campus that had finally transitioned from months of white to brown to greenish by the end of last week was white again, the sky that had been blue was as grey as a London fog.

I remember such snows after long winters in my formative years. Though the first half dozen snows of a season may be welcome and they're always exciting and tinged with romance and beauty, these are the most unpopular ones of all. My moving to California had nothing to do with the weather. But if some weather phenomenon had played a part in it it would have been the "onion snows."

And you can blame me for this one. I thought we'd all had enough snow by Friday evening and changed the front page from the wintry black background and the earlier snow scenes with our favorite green-trees summer pictures and the daffodil yellow background that night.

—Webmaster Jon Kennedy

 More theological insights by Woody Allen

The lion and the calf shall lie down together, but the calf won't get much sleep.

— Sent by John Stamps

Lenten thought for today

What then is our salvation? Jesus the Christ. It is always Christ. He is the same, the one who speaks throughout the whole world, both then and now.

—St. Symeon the New Theologian, 949-1022

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