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Good Morning Nanty Glo!
                 Friday, June 27 2003 

Jon Kennedy, webmasterChristians and the sexual revolution - 3

Thursday's bombshell Supreme Court decision decriminalizing virtually all homosexual behavior in private is seen, correctly, I think, by Justice Anthony Scalia as a precursor of the legalization of "gay marriages." The socio-political trend was probably inevitably going to lead to "gay marriages" even before the court got involved, but it seems likely to happen much sooner under these circumstances. I've received two responses from this series thus far, neither writer wanting to go on record, but one of them sent a link to a closely related and well-reasoned editorial on gay marriage in a major daily newspaper (linked here).

We may or may not delve into "gay marriages" later on, but for now I want to keep to the narrow focus of this series: the sexual revolution as it affects and is reacted to by the Christian community.

I mentioned on Wednesday the appointment of the first "gay" bishop in the Church of England, announced earlier this month and a cause of much controversy throughout that church, the English nation and worldwide Anglicanism (aka Episcopalianism). A British newspaper reported about that controversy:

Bishop of Reading Jeffrey John, 50, told the Times in a lengthy interview he was devoted to his partner of 27 years. John said they would be together for the rest of their lives and that he had no intention of standing down. He insisted the relationship was platonic but his comments prompted immediate calls for his resignation.

Which inspired me to write in my Xnmp commentary: If the relationship is platonic, it's not a "sexual" relationship. If it's not "sexual," how can it be "homosexual," much less "gay"? It seems it's time we get into some linguistic analysis here.

Sexual: pertaining to genital intimacy.

Homosexual: genital intimacy between members of the same sex.

Gay: proudly liberated from any social or traditional strictures on same-sex intimacy.

The mass media usually avoid anything that may strike readers or viewers/listeners as "complex" or "complicated," which has resulted in "gay" becoming synonymous in most of its media use with "homosexual." But it is not true, no matter how much Jay Leno may scoff at Senator Santorum's making a distinction between "homosexuals" and "practicing homosexuals," or, as I insist it should be used, "gays."

One insider-author writing of the Roman Catholic clerical scandals and the background behind them has estimated, not wildly, I'm convinced, that easily 50 percent of the younger-generation priests are homosexuals, in the pathology sense of the word, as unchosen but "endemic condition" or predisposition. Many of them, understandably, have chosen the priesthood for the obvious plusses that vocation gives to homosexual-oriented men who want to be chaste: the comfort and aid of vows of chastity, the company and moral support of a network of other men, and no obligation to explain their "singleness" to an unending parade of caring but clueless friends and relatives. And if half of them are homosexual, the great majority, I believe, are not sexually active, not abusers of children or cheaters on their vows; they are rather working through the intentions of their vows. And of course Catholic homosexual priests who are "not gay" are not the only homosexuals who prefer to steer clear of sexual lifestyles, but serve as a large sample of the type.

One more definition before we continue this next week, one some would debate, but I think is fair—

Christian: a person who follows Christ and tries to live by His commandments and teachings and the apostolic, biblical doctrine of the universal church.

Webmaster Jon Kennedy

Rules to live by

Life is sexually transmitted.

— Sent by Judy Rose

Thought for today

I have found that if you love life, life will love you back.

— Arthur Rubenstein
Sent by Trudy Myers

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