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Good Morning Nanty Glo!
HAPPY NEW YEAR 2003        Thursday, January 9 2003 

Jon Kennedy, webmaster Smoking and anti-smoking

I've received no responses to the sports topic proposals made yesterday, so will move on. On the smoking questions, I received this from a fellow Valley native turned Californian, Sally Bogovich: "Jon, as far as I know it is against the law to smoke in bars. It was a big issue here in Placerville, with a few arrests showing up on the front page of our local newspaper (Mountain Democrat), along with pictures. Pretty quiet now, with no mention of anyone 'breaking that law.'"

My own two cents: I've never smoked and while growing up I was always bothered by the smoke from my father's cigarettes, trying to wave it away all the time. I'm glad the law is moving to curtail public smoking as it has been. However, in many places where smoking is allowed, if someone asks "mind if I smoke?" it's generally my practice to grant permission rather than seem ungracious. I still remember, however, when there were still smoking and no-smoking cars on trains, that I got on a no-smoking car one morning, only to find a woman across the aisle lighting up. I tried glaring but, as I remember, it had no effect.

Most of the restaurants in our (Northern California) area now have outdoor areas where smokers can sit and puff, and Starbucks cafes do, too. Since my first visit to Europe in 1965 I've been partial to sidewalk cafes, sitting and sipping my hot beverage al fresco, so whenever the weather permits, I choose to sit outside and have to thank the anti-smoking laws for making that possible almost everywhere in California now. I try to avoid finding out whether any smokers are glaring at me, if the outside tables are all occupied.

—Webmaster Jon Kennedy

 Doctors getting into heaven

St. Peter was standing outside the gates of heaven when three men appeared, all of them doctors. Peter looked at the first one and asked, "What have you done in your life to gain admittance into heaven?"

"I was an oncologist, I helped many cancer patients and saved many lives," the man answered.

"Very well," said St. Peter. "You may enter..."

Peter looked at the second man and asked, "What have you done in your life to gain admittance into heaven?"

"I was a clinical pediatrician; I helped many poor kids who could not afford private care," said the second man.

"Very well," said St. Peter. 'You may enter..."

Peter then turned to the third man and asked, "And what have you done in your life to gain admittance into heaven?"

"I was the director of a large HMO company in the United States," the third man said proudly.

St. Peter paused and looked in his book for a few minutes. After a while, he looked up and said to the third man, "Well, you may enter the Kingdom of Heaven, but you may only stay for three days...."

—Sent by Mary Ann Losiewcz

Thought for the day

The most expensive possession one can have is a closed mind.

—Sent by Jules Nagy

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