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Good Morning Nanty Glo!
    Saturday, December 27 2003
Photo of the week
This week's photo by Judy Rose

This year Home Page country had a white Christmas and many of the homes in the area were lit up beautifully in honor of the holiday. This house on Nanty Glo's Shoemaker street was just one of many homes aglow with holiday lights. And on this, the 27th of December...the memories of Christmas day linger on. Those of us at the Nanty Glo Home Page hope your 2004 is as bright as the Christmas lights of 2003. Happy New Year!

Mystery Person
of the Week

"Who Am I?..."
  By Judy Rose

Who Am I?


 1. Graduate of: Nanty Glo High School
 2. Year: 1956
 3. Nickname: "Morgan"
 4. Caption from yearbook: Our quietist
     senior boy...never in trouble... likes
     hunting and fishing...dislikes having to
     do anything in a hurry...would like to
     be a success.
 5. Favorite quote: "No kidding!"


History Tidbits
for the week
from the NTAMHS
2003 Historical Calendar


December 29 1891: Dearmin Post Office started. (Webmaster's
note: Dearmin? Me neither.)


December 31 1923: In Almanac
for coming year, miners and Merchants Bank reports capital of $60,000 and surplus of $35,000.


January 2 1962: John Kupchella
takes office as [first*] mayor of
Nanty Glo.

*Previously, Pennsylvania boroughs
had burgesses, not mayors.



The first bumper stickers appeared in America in the 1950s. Originally, they weren't "stickers," but were attached by small wires twisted around bumpers (used for advertising). Here's what we think is the best collection of bumper sticker sentiments on the web (two daily, as long as they last).

Your proctologist called. They found your head.

I didn't go to work today. The little voices in my head told me to stay home and clean my guns.

—Sent by Mary Ann Losiewcz 

Thought for today

Our liberty depends on our education, our laws, and is founded on morals and religion.

Fisher Ames, writer of the First Amendment 
Sent by Barry Loudermilk 

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