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Good Morning Nanty Glo!
            Friday, December 12 2003 

Jon Kennedy, webmaster

Frames of reference, 8

State- and union-controlled schoolsParental-controlled schools

Sexualizes children (sex education, free condoms in school)

Promotes sexual innocence (abstinence education)

"Public education," like Social Security, is a sacred cow in politics. Saying anything that can be made to imply you're against either of them can be fatal to a candidate's chances at the polls. (For the record, I don't advocate changes in either the structure or the underlying philosophy regarding social security. Furthermore, I'm not a Republican, so nothing I say should be construed as being the "Republican" position. And of course I have no political aspirations; have never stood for office nor do I intend to.)

The unpredictable public seems to be of two minds about "public" schools. Here in California, and elsewhere, the voters won't (thus far) support voucher schools, nor will they support even bond issues to enable the so-called "public" schools make improvements. (In most areas of our public life, "public" is used to describe anything in which the public is served, as all schools, not just tax-supported and state-controlled ones do, so I reject the liberals' attempt to co-opt the term to their advantage.) There seems to be a widespread dissatisfaction with the state schools. They've failed in so many ways that even those who vote for other liberal causes withhold support. The declining test scores and Jay Leno's Jaywalking segments (in which young adults, even public school teachers and college students, can't come up with the name of the country whose planes bombed Pearl Harbor or even, in many cases, even the state in which Pearl Harbor is found) prove and re-prove that time and again.

Congressional conservatives recently managed to attach a voucher school amendment to a bill to support the federal budget for the District of Columbia, but they're reluctant to push them in other places where they're sorely needed. Liberals, as shown in earlier segments of this series, have vested interests in preserving the current definition of "public education" because they feel that if they lose that, their best bastian of control, their plot to control the minds and corrupt the hearts of the next generation will be thwarted. Yes, I'm dramatizing, but not over-dramatizing. Nothing less is their intent.

Conservatives, conversely, know that an educated younger generation is indispensible in order for their cause of thwarting new strains of secular humanism—fascism, Marxism, and less malignant or slower spreading ones—to succeed. It takes knowledge not only of who attacked Pearl Harbor but why, and who supported Lenin and Marx 80 years ago, and why. It even requires a more than superficial knowledge of spelling to know that V.I. Lenin is not to be confused with John Lennon and some history to know Karl Marx wasn't one of moviedom's Marx Brothers.

Conservatives know that only parent-controlled schools can bring back education worthy of the name, and only getting control of their fair share of their children's school tax dollars through vouchers can make that possible. We won't even go into the ramifications of forcing Christian parents to pay to educate children in anti-Christian ethics and philosophies of life. (The same applies, of course, to Jewish parents, Muslim parents, Hindu parents, even serious pagan parents, and any others who are not in their spiritual bones secular humanists.) Except that I'll say that the "taxation without representation" that motivated the Boston Tea Party was nothing compared to present-day liberalism's tyranny over all non-secularists.

Liberals support sex education because kids like it; it makes them giggle and introduces them to ways to justify homework ("making out") that's more entertaining than spelling drills and creating maps for geography. It also has the potential for increasing the liberal bureaucrats' client population—unwed mothers and welfare children and customers for their abortion clinics and their condom machines, not to mention psychological services and AIDS clinics—a population that's much more likely than 18-year-old virgins are to vote for them and their programs.

I find it ironic that liberals are now willing to support television commercials that say "talk to your kids about smoking" (which is good and wise) but who get livid when a conservative proposes telling parents to "talk to your kids about sexual abstinence." Some of them have actually sued to prevent abstinence education in "their" schools, because it smacks of religion, even if the presenters never mention church, God, or spirituality.

Webmaster Jon Kennedy

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Fun facts (or "facts," so it says, but take with a grain)

Cats have 32 muscles in each ear.

Los Angeles' full name is "El Pueblo de Nuestra Senora la Reina de los Angeles de Porciuncula." And can be abbreviated to 3.63% of its size: LA.

—Sent by Trudy Myers 

Thought for today

Advent walnuts—"The proud man is internally restless and externally boisterous and continually wants to unload his words—the hollow walnuts he has—so as to cause a stir, and if he happens to have a good word, it's full of egotism (like a putrid walnut). And when you touch his egotism, then it is that all his passions come out (like the ants, when you tap the hollow trunk of a walnut tree).

"Whoever does not humbly accept a reproof or remark will be continually flogged by his egoism, laid into by other people, and pummelled by the devil, who will fling him from one temptation to another, in order to make him indignant, even to the point of losing his soul."

— From the Epistles of Elder Paisios of the Holy Mountain (1924-1994)

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