Watercolor of former Heisley Mine was painted in 1958 by Ruth Kniseley

November 7 1998

Hakanens donate mine painting
to Nanty Glo Library

Richard and Barbara (Lindsay) Hakanen donated a unique watercolor painting of the former Heisley Mine in Nanty Glo to the Nanty Glo Library in September. Mrs. Hakanen gave these details about the painting's origin:

"The painting was done in approx. 1958 by Mrs. Ruth Knisley of York. Her husband, Mahlon Knisley, was a silent partner in the DeFrank Insurance Agency at that time." Mrs. Hakanen's mother bought the agency from Vince DeFrank and Mahlon Knisley a little later. "Ruth took only one day to do the painting but it started to rain. She had more to do on it but it is a water color and you can understand wanting to get out of the rain fast. Also, the mine tipple was to be torn down within a few weeks."

The painting hung in the Lindsay Insurance Agency thereafter for approxmately 40 years. "I might add," Mrs. Hakanen said, "that my mother and father did not expect the picture to be given to them. They thought she just wanted to paint it for herself. They (especially my father) were very surprised and pleased. He worked at the mine at that time."

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