Two photos over 40 years old

The photos on this page were taken around 1957-64. Above is the local musical group, The Four Hits and a Miss. From left, they are Mary Lou Ciprich Ford, and the "Hits" are Charlie Merlo, Alex Molenich, Joe Lesniak and Richard Ruby. The photo was taken at the Nanty Glo VFW in 1957 by an unidentified photographer. Below, a group gathers for a party. From the left, they are: Joe Selip, Linda Gibson, Carole Ann (Mickie) McDermott, Mary Lou Ciprich (Cip) Ford, and Bill Martin. The photo was taken in Merlos' Restaurant,* Mundys Corner, by Jon Kennedy, probably when he was editor of the Nanty Glo Journal (1962-64). The event is believed to have been a birthday party for Carole Ann McDermott.

*Originally, the caption identified the location as the K&B Restaurant.
But, as Bill Martin pointed out, the K&B had no door in the position of the one seen in this photo.


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