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The Nanty Glo Homepage has gone into retirement. If you miss that old site you can view them by going to the website and using the Wayback Machine search box by typing in Below we added some links to help you get to the old Nanty Glo Homepage.

old Nanty Glo Homepage

The Old Nanty Glo Homepage is now preserved in the digital library located at

Vintondale is the historic cradle of Cambria County’s storied steel industry. After its short-lived experiment in iron making, the borough made its mark in coal, coke, and timber.

Blacklick Township is Twin Rocks, Belsano, Cardiff, Red Mill, White Mill, and other neighborhoods in the rural quarter north of Nanty Glo.

Jackson Township is a northern suburb of Johnstown and the southern neighbor of Nanty Glo. Though most of the Township shopped Nanty Glo in “the day,” now the tables have been turned or at least the traffic goes both ways.