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Beginning at the skyline, the rolling hills descend slightly toward the center, suggesting the general area of Blacklick Valley. The earliest industry, timbering, is shown on the left by the curving stream and stylized logs. On the right, the curving planted field with the stylized corn stalks refers to the farming in the Valley. These three triangular devices, the descending hills, curving stream and the planted area, lead the eye toward the center of interest. The third industry, mining, for which the area is most known, is at the center. The eye is visually led into the mine shaft opening by diminishing triangles and rectangles, and by the receding rails, which curve out of sight into the rolling hills of the valley.

In the title of the Tri Area—Blacklick, Nanty Glo and Jackson—is emphasized by repeats of three-, The trees, logs, corn stalks, the posts and lintel of the mine and the horizontals at the bottom of the composition. The logo design is visually anchored by several solid triangular and rectangular shapes described above. These solid forms suggest the solid moral foundation and work ethic of the families who worked in the valley.



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