929 Roberts Street, Nanty Glo, Pa. 15943 (offices now open daily)
Phone (814) 749-7352 § ngtamhs@itxbb.net

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Avon benefit for society; Martin
'Marty' Sebetich added to board

    In the July board meeting of the Nant-Y-Glo Tri-Area Museum and Historical Society, the members accepted an offer of a benefit by local Avon independent representative Regina Benson to apply 10 percent of the purchases ordered through her webpage, linked here.

    The board also moved to invite Nanty Glo resident and long-time Society supporter Martin "Marty" Sebetich to become a member of the board.

    Right: new board member
    Martin Sebetich

2013 basket party meat
raffle winners listed

    The winners of the 2013 meat raffle held at the NTAMHS basket party drawing were:

    First prize, Renee Radcliffe of Coalport
    Second, Frank Stanich of Nanty Glo
    Third, June Riner of Loretto, and
    Fourth, Jo Lynn Zimmerman of Colver

    The basket party benefitting the NTAMHS Liberty Museum project was held at Liberty Cafe in Nanty Glo on June 9. A drawing there selected winners of the raffle for four meat bundles sponsored by Smithmeyer's Superette in Loretto. The first bundle-prize was valued at $80, with three second prizes valued at $50 each. Approximately 80 gift baskets were donated by other sponsors.

2013 basket party and
raffle will be on June 9

    The 2013 NTAMHS basket party and meat bundle raffle will take place on June 9 at St. Mary's Church Hall on Roberts Street. The Historical Society is soliciting donors of basket prizes which participants can bid on by purchasing tickets, and the winner of each basket will be drawn at the event.

    Smithmyers Superette in Loretto has again this year pledged four meat bundles that will be awarded by drawing.The contents of the bundles are listed on the fascsimile of the raffle ticket shown at right. Tickets, $2 each, are available from members of the Historical Society board and at the Liberty Cafe.

    Click the ticket to see it at a larger view.

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A WINNING HORSE - Tony Sherron, Jackson Township craftsman, stands by a rocking horse he made and donated to the Historical Society as a fund-raising prize. He says that if his work on the project had been paid at $10 an hour, the mane and tail alone would cost over $700. The rocking horse would excite any toddler this Christmas, and it is scheduled to be given to the lucky entrant on December 22. Tickets for the drawing are $2 each at the Liberty Cafe.


The Nant-Y-Glo Tri-Area Museum & Historical Society, Liberty Museum and the Cafe are seeking new members/volunteers who are dedicated to and compatible with our important mission: preserving local history for future generations. Your valuable energy, talent, and interests are needed to ensure the continued successful operation of the Historical Society, the Cafe, and the Liberty Museum in Nanty Glo, Pa. The following form is available for completing and turning in at the Liberty Cafe, or if you can't come in, highlight, copy and paste it in an email and send it to us at ngtamhs@itxbb.net.

Please print your contact information below:



Telephone:                                                                                             E-mail:

(Check ANY and ALL that apply—don't be shy!)

Carpentry, electrical work, plumbing

Restoration of artifacts

Historical society programs/events/festivals

Exhibition planning, installation, dismantling

Reception/guide Liberty Museum

Counter, gift shop, Cafe

Computer skills

Research or grant writing

Newsletter writing/layout

Cataloging museum artifacts

Schools, churches, businesses


Native Americans

Local or national History

The Great Depression

Interviewing war veterans

World War II, Korean Conflict, Vietnam War or other conflicts

Collecting oral/written experiences (for example, that of mining families)

Coal mining, UMWA, strikes

Early lumbering or farming

Conducting programs (adult & children) — art, film, theater, music, photography

Industrial League baseball & other entertainment before television (for example, board and outdoor games

Other interests or skills that are not listed:

Thank you for your interest in our important mission. We look forward to working with you! Collectively, we can make a difference!

We will contact you according to our needs.

Many thanks from the working members of the
Nant-Y-Glo Tri-Area Museum & Historical Society!

2012 basket party
raffle winners listed

    The winners of the 2012 meat raffle held at the NTAMHS basket party drawing were: First prize, Stephen Simasek, Davis Street, Nanty Glo; Second, Tina Duncan, Penn Run; Third, Dave Toth, Littlestown, Lancaster County, and Fourth, Doug Roberts, Vintondale.

    The basket party benefitting the NTAMHS Liberty Museum project was held at St. Mary's parish hall in Nanty Glo on June 23. A drawing there selected winners of the raffle for four meat bundles sponsored by Smithmeyer's Superette in Loretto. The first bundle-prize was valued at $80, with three second prizes valued at $50 each. Approximately 80 gift baskets were donated by other sponsors.

    At the right is a facsimile of the raffle tickets for the meat bundles. Tickets were sold at $2 each.

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And the winner of the 2011
Veterans Day meat raffle was

Lori Kolar, Lloyd Street, Nanty Glo

Drawing winner got a quarter
of beef, a freezer, and more

Drawing was held on Veterans Day, November 11

Updated November 15, 2011

The Historical Society has announced a new drawing fundraiser to benefit completion of the Liberty Museum. The prizes are:

1. A freezer sponsored by Home Appliance Servce of Ebensburg

2. A hind quarter of beef, freezer wrapped to the winner's request.

3. A $250 gift card to Foodland of Nanty Glo

4. $250 Cash

Tickets were $5 each. The winners were announced on Veterans Day, just in time for Black Friday. The WINNER took all.

Tickets were sold at Commons Hardware, Al's Pizza, the Medical Center, the Library, and from any member of the Historical Society staff.

Youths win NTAMHS summer service awards
Helena Dropcho, president, left, and Janet Toth, vice president, third from left, present community service awards to Andrew and Emmily Michaels for donating over 200 hours each of volunteer community service to the Nant-Y-Glo Tri-Area Historical Society and Liberty Museum over the summer break from school. Emmily, age 13, and Andrew ("Drew"), age 12, live in Nanty Glo with their mother, Deb Michaels, and will be in eighth and seventh grades, respectively, at Central Cambria Middle School this fall. Their work for the Society and Museum has included everything from research to mowing grass and taking care of flower beds. Along with the award they were honored with junior memberships that will run until they turn 18.

June 2011 meat raffle winner

Drawing at basket party June 12

June 14, 2011

Mart Mattin, ticket number 1577, 1st place Nanty Glo

Jain Ynesh, ticket number 1026, 2nd place, Vintondale

Bob Gates, ticket number 107, 3rd place Summerhill

Michele Soyka-Horosko, ticket number 1242, 4th place Washington, Pa.

The basket party on June 12 was a great success. We had just over 100 baskets and over 100 people attending. The Meat Raffle winners were drawn by the mayor, Steve Szymusiak.

Community Service workers put the membership drive together along with getting out the newletter at the same time.

Spring newsletter on its way

June 9, 2011

The spring 2011 newsletter is now on its way to members. If you would like to order copies for distribution, contact Jim Toth at ngtamhs@itxwireless.net. Memberships can also make good gifts for friends and family members while supporting the completion of the Liberty Museum. And don't forget to check out our gift store for other gift ideas.

An interview with Nanty Glo Mayor Steve Szymusiak

Steve Szymusiak
Mayor Steve Szymusiak

Meet our Mayor

    MEET OUR MAYOR, Steve Szymusiak

    Q. What is you family background in Nanty Glo?

    A. Coal mining.

    Q. Did you serve any office before being elected Mayor?

    A. Yes. I served as councilman in the late '80s and again in the two years prior to being elected Mayor.

    Q. What do you see as your biggest challenges as Mayor?

    A. As in any community, drugs are a problem. Second would be blighted properties.

    Q. Do you see any turnaround in Nanty Glo and the Valley's decline in population?

    A. The majority of folks in Nanty Glo are retired. We went from 3,100 people to about 2,700 [in the most recent census]. Those who are working are either in the mines, the medical facilities or in the industrial parks. Some travel one or two hours to work. People are willing to travel to avoid the rat race of the bigger cities. We have a great school system. The shopping centers are not far away.

    Q. Do you see new job opportunities for the Valley, or ways to make some?

    A. We would love to see more jobs come to the area but I think right now any company would have a big concern about the economy. If a company did have a thought about moving, I'd say do it. Our area can supply them with what they need, our people have the skills and aren't afraid to work hard for a good wage.

    Q. What role do you see for the NGTAMHS for the Valley's future?

    A. A few months ago Jim Toth asked me to attend the meeting of the Historical Society so I could report the activities to the council and others. I really didn't know what was going on over there. I knew what Jim and the Community Service workers were doing and I have to say, without them, our borough workers (only three) would not be able to keep up with the grass cutting and the maintenance of the area block parks and still maintain our streets. The things (artifacts) collected, some of which I can recall, is surprising. To see how a rundown piece of history is starting to take [new life] really surprised me. People will be happy when they make the trip to look into the years gone by.

    Q. Do you see tourism as a growth industry for Cambria County and the Valley?

    A. Tourism is a great industry for all our communities; we have a lot to offer. But as I sit writing this, gas is four dollars a gallon. the economy will dictate how any community will make out on tourism.

    Q. What is your employment situation?

    A. I worked in the coal mine for eighteen years, owned coal trucks for quite a few years, then had a massive heart attack. That was the end of the truck and just about everything else.

Basket party,
raffle planned

    A basket party to benefit the NTAMHS Liberty Museum project will be held at St. Mary's parish hall in Nanty Glo on June 12. A drawing at the dinner will select winners of a raffle for four meat bundles being sponsored by Smithmeyer's Superette in Loretto. The first bundle-prize is valued at $80, with three second prizes valued at $50 each. Additional sponsors of gift baskets are also being sought.

    Tickets can be purchased at Commons Hardware, Nanty Glo Public Library, Al's Pizza, and at the Museum during normal business hours.

    At right is a facsimile for the raffle tickets for the meat bundles. Tickets are being sold at $2.





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Fall newsletter is on its way

December 9, 2010

The fall 2010 newsletter is now on its way to members. If you would like to order copies for distribution, contact Jim Toth at ngtamhs@itxwireless.net. Memberships can also make good gifts for friends and family members while supporting the completion of the Liberty Museum. And don't forget to check out our gift store for other gift ideas.

Book recounting a slice of Nanty Glo's history received

September 10, 2010

Scott Rhoades, left, presents a copy of his recent book, Legacy of Love, Memories from Ivory Hill, to Historical Society President Helena Dropcho at the NTAMHS Board meeting in September. Scott, a graduate of Indiana University of Pennsylvania and a health worker and freelance writer, is a native of the Ivory Hill section of Nanty Glo. He credits as co-author of the volume his late grandmother, Elizabeth Bond Rhoades, about whom he says: "She passed away several years ago. Her writing lives on through my work and we honor her through using the 'Ivory Hill' in our name. Elizabeth was a devoted wife and mother who loved writing poetry and keeping memoirs about her family. Her poems and stories in this book reflect her love for the simplicities of life, her love for her husband, children, grandchildren, neighbors, and family. Her stories tell us their extraordinary experience of coming to Nanty Glo for work, and how they managed to raise their 10 children in difficult times."

Click here for a flyer with more information on the book

Cash prize raffle to benefit Liberty Museum

September 7, 2010

Tickets are available at the Nanty Glo Public Library or by contacting any member.
Email ngtamhs@itxbb.net or call 814.937.3009 for information or tickets.


Quilt drawing

September 3, 2010

Tickets for a drawing for the quilt shown above are on sale at Al's Pizza in Nanty Glo for $1. The drawing will be held there at 11 a.m. on November 24..

Society publishes history booklet

September 1, 2010

The story of how the Sisters of St. Agnes came to Nanty Glo to occupy the St. Mary's Church convent and become the faculty of the adjacent parochial school, serialized in former editions of the NTAMHS Newsletter, is now available as a single publication, complete in 12 pages. It is now at sale at the Nanty Glo Public Library and the Historical Society for $2. Contact ngtamhs@itxbb.net to order or for additional information.

Raffle winners picked at spaghetti dinner

June 23, 2010

Nanty Glo Mayor Steve Szymusiak, left, was pressed into service to pick the winning tickets at the NTAMHS fund-raising spaghetti dinner at St. Mary's Hall on June 20. Historical Society president Helen Dropcho called out the winning names.

Meat Raffle, Grand Prize: James Ellis, Nanty Glo.

Second Prize: Emilie Bowman Nanty Glo.

Third Prize: Tom Kuhar, Vintondale.

Fourth Prize: Donna Stephen, Nanty Glo.

Door Prize: Madeline Martinazzi, Nanty Glo.

Pirate tickets basket: Leona Shuty, Munster.

A financial report on the fundraiser will be sent separately.

2010 Membership Renewal Letter

Research Department

Looking for genealogy information, obituaries,
articles from old Journals? Our research department
can help. Please send a self-addressed envelope and
$4 donation per page to Research Department,
Historical Society, PO Box 283, Nanty Glo, Pa. 15943
Email for more information:

Dinner, raffle plans confirmed

A spaghetti dinner to benefit the NTAMHS Liberty Museum project will be held at St. Mary's parish hall in Nanty Glo on Father's Day, June 20. A drawing at the dinner will select winners of a raffle for four meat bundles being sponsored by Smithmeyer's Superette in Loretto. The first bundle-prize is valued at $80, with three second prizes valued at $50 each. Delgrosso's Foods has committed to provide the pasta for the dinner; three additional sponsors are also being sought.

Tickets can be purchased at Commons Hardware, Nanty Glo Public Library, and Al's Pizza.

Below is a facsimile for the raffle tickets for the meat bundles, which are being sold at $2. Click it for a more readable (and vertical) view.

Museum electrical milestone reached

January 26, 2010

The predesigned estimate for the new electrical service called for:

400 A 208/120 V - 3 PH $8,000

This is now complete!

And the best news is we passed the inspection today! Only two minor defects were pointed out to Rich and myself.

1. a cap/cover plate on trough to food pantry
2. a nut was not put on. (and no not me)

The actual cost was just around $2500, thanks to electrician John Hines, part owner of Commons Hardware and the fact that the materials were purchased at cost at Commons. A huge thank you to Bill and John Hines for this. We have two new breaker panels, a master shut off, a new distribution trough, and 20 breakers to start us off in the wiring of the building, new grounding rods, and new grounding wires, TO CODE !

Inspection fees will be billed to us.

I hope that everyone is as happy as I with this milestone.

James S. Toth
Projects Manager/Treasurer
Nant-Y-Glo Tri Area Museum & Historical Society

Society announces 2010 scholarship essay contest

The Society has announced a $200 scholarship contest open to all valley high school seniors.


1. Must graduate in 2010
2. Must reside in the Tri-Area Historical Society area
3. May attend a school outside the area or be home-schooled
4. Must submit entry no later then April 15, 2010. No entries received or postmarked past this date will be considered.
5. Essays must be at least 250 words and may not exceed 500 words

The essay may be on any topic related to the history of Jackson Township, Nanty Glo, Vintondale, or Blacklick Township, or all four municipalities.

Essays must be typed, double-spaced, using "Times New Roman" font size 12. One page of illustrations or photos may be added but is not required. Entries should be sent to the above address. Entries become the property of the Society and the winner(s) will be published on its website.

See the complete announcement, rules, and details about the contest here.

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NTAMHS Christmas tree ties for 5th place in Jackson Twp.

This year's NTAMHS entry in the fourth annual Jackson Township Christmas Light Up Night tied for a fifth place prize. Our entry was decorated with red silk poinsettias, white branches, pine cones, raffia bows, and lumps of coal wrapped in see-through paper which tied the theme to our coal heritage. "Presents" piled beneath the tree completed our decorating theme. There were some very clever entries in this year's event, which took place Sunday, November 29, at the Jackson Township Veterans Memorial Park in Vinco. See a video presentation of all of the trees on GloTube.

Historical Society members give local
Girl Scouts
a history lesson on coal

Click here for photo report

Jackson Township officials tour Liberty Museum

Jackson Township Manager Dave Hirko and Supervisor Bruce Baker were given a walking tour of the Liberty Museum and Miners Community Food Pantry by Liberty Museum Projects Manager Jim Toth and Historical Society officers and members on November 8. Jackson Township has been part of the Nant-Y-Glo Tri-Area Museum and Historical Society since its formation and regular updates are offered to officials to keep them current on the ever evolving and expensive construction process.

Museum construction progress Food pantry operations

Quilt winner

Gloria Green, winner of the NTAMHS quilt fundraiser shows off her new quilt.
Gloria and her family live in Mundys Corner.

Visitors to Liberty Museum

While in the area for his high school reunion and annual visit to the Vintondale Homecoming, Robert "Bob" Kennedy of California and fellow Ebensburg-Cambria High School graduate Dick McCoy and his wife Roberta of Ebensburg enjoyed a walking tour of the Liberty Museum. Left to right: Bob Kennedy, Judy Rose, Roberta McCoy, Dick McCoy.


Report on car wash fundraiser, August 15, 2009

From Jim Toth:

Well we had a long day. For those who showed up it was fun and greatly appreciated.

We had hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill and lots to drink (non-alcohol, DAMN-IT). "That would of made it interesting." We even washed the police car.

I cannot thank everyone enough who helped. Those who helped on site, those who helped in prep at home and those who just showed up to bring their cars in but could not stay and help or called friends and family to come in. It's these efforts that make us keep moving forward. For the first time out of the gate, it was a nice success.

The only bad thing that happened today was our tent flying across the street!

Next time we will have to do some more leg work in advance, but overall it was great. Total profit for the four-hour wash was $208.76 in donations.

So, now I am going to let the wrinkles in my hands go away.

Thank you again to everyone.

Nant-Y-Glo Tri Area Museum & Historical Society
James S. Toth, Projects Manager/Treasurer
1053 Shoemaker St., Po Box 219, Nanty Glo, PA 15943
814-472-7271 www.thelibertymuseum.com

Nanty Glo Library gets a facelift

The Nanty Glo Library received a bit of a facelift this week. Jim Toth, Project Manager for the Tri-area Museum and Historical Society plus a work crew of seven volunteers, sanded, scraped loose paint, repointed concrete and gave the cinder block portion of the Library's exterior walls a new coat of paint.

The materials, which consisted of several gallons of Glidden semi-gloss exterior acrylic paint, brushes, paint trays and rollers, were donated by Commons Hardware at an estimated cost between $150 and $200. The new chocolate brown paint resists fading, dirt, and provides mildew protection and complements the siding.

The 1600-square-foot job was expected to take two days and save the Library an estimated $4,800. "We are very grateful to the Historical Society and Commons Hardware for their generosity," said Librarian Sharon Gallaher. According to Jim Toth, "The only expense to the Historical Society was the cost of lunch to feed the work crew. This project is giving back to the community and improving the look of the Library."

Librarian Sharon Gallaher gives her approval to the painting project

Volunteers apply a coat of new paint to the Library

— Judy Rose

Blake Michaels named winner of
first historical essay contest

June 13, 2009

The NTAMHS has announced that the winner of its first historical essay contest is Blake Michaels, a 2009 graduate of Blacklick Valley Junior-Senior High School. His prize, a $200 scholarship, was awarded during graduation ceremonies by Janet Toth, representing the Historical Society. Michaels wrote about the Southern Cambria Trolley System, one of three topics selected by the Society. First runner-up was Nathan Paul, whose essay was on a One-Room Schoolhouse.

The contest, announced last fall, was open to all graduating students within the Tri-Area, regardless of the school the student attended. Jon Kennedy of San Jose, Calif.,, an author, editor, longtime college writing teacher and founder-webmaster of the Nanty Glo Home Page, was the contest judge.


Blake, shown above in a Tribune-Democrat photograph, graduated from Blacklick Valley High School with a GPA of 101.40. His achievements include: Class Valedictorian; National Merit Scholar; National Honor Society and senior class presidents; student of the month; Elks most valuable student national finalist; McKelvey Foundation and National Wild Turkey Federation scholarships; and Upward Bound ambassador. Blake plans to attend the University of Pennsylvania, majoring in mathematics. A Vintondale resident, he is the son of Carl and Melissa Michaels.

Below is the essay by Blake Michaels as it appeared in the latest NTAMHS Newsletter.

J. Rose

The Southern Cambria Trolley System

As I was doing preliminary research, I was pleasantly surprised with the wealth and richness of the information available. The more I read, the more interested I became. The trolley system was pivotal for the development of the county. From being a fascination and cause of excitement, to gaining its reputation as the "Fabulous Southern Cambria, dread of the timid traveler." The trolley line changed the county in a marked way.

The line opened in 1908 with the goal of connecting Johnstown, the most populous city in the county and Ebensburg. Ebensburg, even after repeated attempts by the southern parts remained the county seat. The main reason was its central location: if Johnstown were the seat, it would be over 50 miles to reach the seat when the only form of transportation was walking. For the first four years, the Southern Cambria line operated trolleys around the city of Johnstown. Then, in 1912 a line was finally connected to Ebensburg. Two years later, in 1914, lines were added to Nanty Glo and Jackson. The cost was the major reason for the delay in constructing the lines.

It is interesting to note how the trolleys operated. They used stereotypical trolley cars. These operated by electricity. The cars were connected to the electrical lines above the tracts. This provided the energy to cause the wheels to turn. If the power was removed, which was easily done, the trolley would no longer have force acting on forward. The engineers could slow the car using this as well as the airbrakes equipped.

The trolley lines were used to counter the steam locomotives. Trolleys can stop more often, as well as overcome hills better than their steam counterparts. The trolleys of the Southern Cambria line were in competition with the much more powerful Pennsylvania Railroad. The Pennsylvania railroad tried to overrun the Southern Cambria line.

Because of the designs of the trolley lines, they could be constructed quickly. However this fact actually created a terrible scenario in the county. The residential areas could not afford to support the project and safety precautions were often the cost cutting measure. Due to the lack of safety, the Southern Cambria experienced several terrible accidents.

The worst of these accidents occurred on August 12, 1916. According to a newspaper clipping at the time, the car was on a course to Echo from Johnstown. The motorman, Angus Varner of Johnstown lost control of the trolley. The car raced on into an oncoming trolley car; trolleys often operated on the same line in opposite directions. The other conductor tried to avoid the collision by disconnecting the electricity, but did not do so in time.

Mrs. Janet Toth of the Nant-Y-Glo Tri-Area Museum and Historical Society awards the $200 scholarship to Blake Michaels

At the scene 14 people were found dead. Another seven were to die that day from injuries in the hospital. After a few weeks the death toll was set at 27. Although this proved to be a tragic accident the newspaper did record some good news. It showed the human spirit and camaraderie of small town America and Johnstown. Hundreds of people turned out to help the injured and to clean up the accident.

The accident further solidified the public's distrust in the trolley system. The line continued to lose customers and eventually folded. In 1928 the Southern Cambria line was officially sold it was a matter of practicality. Buses could now do what the trolley line was but for far cheaper, more efficiently and safer.

The rail lines of the Southern Cambria are now trails and areas through the county. Some wind through treacherous mountainsides while others move secretly in town streets. Whether by walking or biking one can visit these places of history.

The Southern Cambria trolleys were an important part of our history. They helped travelers more quickly make the trek between not only Johnstown and Ebensburg but also the surrounding communities. Through its misfortunes it also helped to modernize transportation; the passing of the trolley line is not all negative. Without it to better methods, this area would not have grown technologically as it has.

Liberty Museum announces Wall of Honor

May 2009

If you have a special place in your heart for your parents, your place of business, your graduating class, etc. . . . maybe even your favorite pet, the Liberty Museum has a place to honor them. It's called the Wall of Honor and it's the brainchild of Liberty Museum project manager Jim Toth and co-manager Rich McDowell. Walls in the Liberty Museum have been divided up into various-sized sections that range from 3 feet to 15 feet and in price from $300 for a 3-foot section to $1500 for a whopping 15-foot place of honor. A special commemorative plaque, engraved with the name or title of your choice will be permanently attached to your section of the wall. The Honor Wall sections are available on a first-come, first-served basis to private individuals, businesses, and organizations. The money collected from the sales of the Honor Wall sections is used to buy building materials for the on-going Liberty Museum Project. Acording to Jim Toth, "The plaques are manufactured by a local company; 90 percent of the time, I try to keep all business transactions local."

If you, your organization, or family is interested in purchasing a Wall of Honor, Rich McDowell is in charge of this project: remac@atlanticbb.net.

Commemorative Plaque

Honor Wall Locations

Below is a diagram of the Liberty Museum's floor plan and the location of the Honor Wall segments.

J. Rose

Liberty Museum Auction photos by Judy Rose
Photos 1-5: NTAMHS members John and Helena Dropcho, Janet Toth, Bob Ford, Anetta Toth, and
Barb Hakanen, prepare for the auction by doing some last minute cleaning. The auction was on May 16.

Click any photo to see larger version

Photos 6: Left to right: Auctioneer Rodney Paul,
Jim Toth, Rob Port and Ron Weekes



Above is a link to the Historical Society Charity Auction scheduled for May 16.

If you have any items you would like to donate for the auction, please call and leave message on my office phone. I will return your call and make arrangements for pick up.

See our poster below for more information.

Please consider donating or making a cash donation for our "Cash Tree Raffle."

Thank you for all your help and consideration.

Nant-Y-Glo Tri Area Museum & Historical Society
James S. Toth Projects Manager/Treasurer
1053 Shoemaker St Po Box 219
Nanty Glo, Pa 15943







Saturday May 16, 2009

Liberty Museum

1053 Shoemaker Street

Nanty Glo, Pa.


Auction Items;

Gift baskets, gift certificates from
local business sponsors

Household Furnishings

Dressers . Knick Knacks

Pictures . Bathroom fixtures

Holiday Decorations . Folding chairs

8-ft folding tables . Dining room chairs

Small kitchen appliances . Kitchenware


Exercise equipment . Computer monitors

Television sets . Basketball hoop

Kid’s toys

Construction material

Lumber . Cement mixer

Rolled insulation . Peg board

Drop ceiling . Lights

Oil furnace . Windows

Baseboard water heat

Doors . Tools. Floor tiles with adhesive

Oil Tanks

Registration starts at 9 AM Auction to start at 10 AM

The Liberty Museum is a division of
Nanty Glo Tri-Area Museum

& Historical Society


Society announces scholarship essay contest

The Society has announced a $200 scholarship contest open to all valley high school seniors.

Contest rules and details follow:


1. Must graduate in 2009
2. Must reside in the Tri-Area Historical Society area
3. May attend a school outside the area
4. Must submit entry no later then April 15, 2009. No entries received or postmarked past this date will be considered.

The essay is reserved to the following subjects (contestants select one):

1. One- or Two-Room School Houses
2. The Southern Cambria Railroad Trolley
3. The Baseball Industrial League

Essays must be typed, double-spaced, using "Times New Roman" font size 12. Text is limited to four single sheets. One page of illustrations or photos may be added but is not required. Entries may be sent to the above address or dropped off to the Nanty Glo Public Library Attn: Historical Society Scholarship.

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Tri-Area Historical Society

December 10, 2008

The Tri-Area Historical Society needs your valuable skills, talents, and interests for an exciting and important project, the development and opening of a coal mining / heritage museum—The Liberty Museum—in the former Liberty Theater, Nanty Glo (b.1920-21). To accomplish this vital goal, we are actively seeking dedicated, active members who will contribute time, talents, and energy to bring this museum about.

Through permanent and changing exhibitions, the Liberty Museum will preserve and showcase: our area's diverse ethnic cultures, their life/ work/ religious experiences, and extraordinary work ethic. Featured themes and artifacts will include lumbering, farming, area businesses, and coal mining as the major focus. Additional themes are working and living conditions/ family issues, recreation, UMWA activities, unrest of The Great Depression, WWII and the home front, and movie/ film artifacts. Additional offerings will be educational, cultural, and aesthetic programs presented in partnership with area communities, schools, churches, and civic groups.

The museum will attract new businesses, tourists, and visitors (who can also enjoy the nearby Ghost Town Trail), renew a sense of area pride, and energize growth in the Tri-Area communities and beyond.

The Historical Society members are excited and optimistic about The Historical Society and Liberty Museum. However, we need you to join us and help achieve this important goal! Business meetings are the first Thursday of each month. A work night meeting (for clerical, restoration, and other tasks) is held at the Nanty Glo Library. Both meetings begin at 7 p.m. and last approximately two hours. (The meetings for December through February are held or not, weather permitting ). Contact us by completing a Call To Action form, available at the library desk, or e-mail to antoycho@comcast.net.

Can you help in any of these interests or skills?

Interests...Local / national history, Native Americans, The Great Depression, WWII and home front, war veterans, lumbering, farming, businesses, coal mining, things that are not here anymore, genealogy, movie/ film history, schools, churches, Industrial League baseball, oral / written life histories, adolescent, teen, adult activities / games, transportation, others.

Skills, talents...carpentry, electrical, plumbing, research, grant writing, organizing / cataloging, photography, visual / performing arts, exhibition / display, workshops, lectures, interviews, newsletter articles / layout, computer skills, small exhibition model construction, restoration of artifacts, condensing book/ magazine material, museum guide, others.

Won’t you please join us in this venture? By contacting us we can collectively make this important project a reality, the opening of The Liberty Museum!...Thank you for your interest.

John Dropcho...President, Historical Society

Wal-Mart donates $1000 to Liberty Museum project

Greg Ganoe, assistant manager of the Ebensburg Wal-Mart, left, presented a check for $1000 to the Nant-Y-Glo Tri-Area Museum and Historical Society's Liberty Museum project on February 20. Receiving the donation are Jim Toth, center, project manager and treasurer, and John Dropcho, NTAMHS president.

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Liberty Theater Museum project web site

Click here for Tribune-Democrat feature on museum project, 7/20/2007

New feature added August 14 2007: Dr. Prideaux retrospective

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Second local history scene puzzle offered as fund-raiser

The Nant-Y-Glo Tri Area Museum and Historical Society is presenting the second in a series of puzzles featuring local historic scenes. This time the Society is offering Jackson Township's Eight-Sided Esso Station in Mundy's Corner. This station was located at the intersection of then Routes 219 and 22 at Mundy's Corner and in front of Luther's Restaurant. This should bring back memories to many from the area.

The cost of the puzzle is $25 and may be purchased at the Nanty Glo Library or orders cab be sent to NGTAMHS at 942 Roberts Street, Nanty Glo, PA 15943. Please add $5 for shipping and handling. Checks should be made out to NGTAMHS. Please allow three to four weeks for delivery.

Money made from the sale of the puzzles will go toward the establishing of our new home on Shoemaker Street (scroll down for more information).

Nant-Y-Glo Tri-Area Museum and Historical Society Acquires Liberty Theater Building

The Nant-Y-Glo Tri-Area Museum and Historical Society has acquired the building on Shoemaker Street that once housed the Blacklick Valley Community Center and still houses the Miners' Food Pantry. The building built in 1920-1921 was also known as the Grand Theatre, the Family theater, and then the Liberty Theater.

Members of the Historical Society, since its inception in 2000, have been looking for a building to house the growing collection of artifacts and to have a facility where the public can view exhibits.

Over the years several properties have been considered as well as the idea of a new building. When the Blacklick Valley Community Center building became available, the Society decided it was time to not only have a building of its own, but to take on the task of preserving a historic building in Nanty Glo.

The Society "bought" the building for one dollar on June 26, 2006, from the board members of the Blacklick Valley Community Association, Inc., signed a resolution donating the Community Center building to the Historical Society.

The Building Committee, comprised of Jim Toth and Rich McDowell, has already taken preliminary steps to begin the first phase in the renovation of the building. Keller Engineers, Inc., has determined the building is in good overall condition and now the Society can proceed with plans to apply for funding. A major fund drive is underway to bring a vision of a museum to a reality.

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Historical Society CD's still available
(December 2004)

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Student $5.00 (fulltime students)

Individual $10.00

Family $15.00 (spouses and children under 18 years old)

Life individual: $200.00

Business/Organization $25.00 (owners, their spouses, and children under 18)

Corporate $100.00 (managers, their spouses, and children under 18)
Renewals are due on the anniversary month of your joining.
Checks to be made out to NGTAM&HS and sent to NGTAM&HS
942 Roberts St. Nanty Glo, Pa. 15943

Meetings: Business meetings are now held each month on the first Thursday evening. A work meeting is held on the third Thursday of the month. Meetings are at the Nanty Glo Library, 942 Roberts Street.


Historian Trevor Rowson remembered
The Nantyglo, Wales, former coalminer was Blacklick Valley's friend in the Old Country.

Appraisal Day May 19, 2001 (click here for photos)
The Nant-Y-Glo Tri Area Museum & Historical Society held a small version of the “Antiques Road Show” APPRAISAL DAY with Professional Appraiser Jeffery Rouse of New Alexandria.

Second NTAMHS newsletter now online (click here)
Acrobat Reader is required to read it. If your computer
doesn't have it, click the icon at right to get it. It's FREE

Photos from Old Photo Display, Feb. 23-24 2001



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