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Old Nanty-Glo Journal News
from the Nant-Y-Glo Tri-Area Museum and Historical Society

JUNE 27, 1935

Last of Mercantile Appraiser's List for 1935


Averi, G ... Genl Mdse

Bittorf, Fred ... Tobacco

Cook, Ida ... Gas & Oil

Cresswell Elec. Co. ... Gas & Oil

Cresswell Elec. Co. ... Gas & Oil

Cugini, Nick., Bob's Place ... Meat-Grocery

Cugini, Nick., Bob's Place ... Meat-Grocery

Farkas, Mike ... Tobacco

Nevy Bros ... Genl Mise

Puskar, Daniel ... Tobacco

Roberts, W. J. ... Confections

Rose, Louis ... Genl Mdse

Shandor, Elizabeth ... Tobacco

Shandor, Elizabeth ... Tobacco

Vinton Collery Co. ... Supplies

Vinton Supply Co. ... Genl Mdse

Williams, S. R. ... Grocery

Yuhouse, Julia ... Grocery

The following all listed as Restaurants

Bittorf, Fred

Farkas, Mike

Puskar, Danl.

Shandor, Elizabeth

Shandor, Elizabeth


MAY 25, 1944


This picture was not published in the Nanty Glo Journal, but I felt some of you might enjoy seeing it. The picnic of Miss Cramer's first and second grade from the Cardiff School. The school was a two-room school house with two grades in each room. When entering the school, the room to the left held first and second and the room to the right held third and fourth grades.

May 25, 1944

Teacher Miss Gwen Cramer can be seen in the last row to the right. A few of the names are far left on bottom row: Marge Lindsay, next to Marge is Irene Galko, boy in hat is ___?___ Behory and next to him is Leon Cubeta. The gal on the far right in that same bottom row is Wilamena Learn.

Third row on far left with plaid shirt, is Joe Ando and little girl next to him with dark hair is Laura Ellis. If you can give us some more names, please do so.

This picture belongs to Marge (Lindsay) Hricko of Delmont PA.

ALSO: The Historical Society is looking for pictures of the
Cardiff School
and also The Nipps Dairy.


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