NO. 31
This page put online February 13, 2003

Old Nanty-Glo Journal News
from the Nant-Y-Glo Tri-Area Museum and Historical Society

OCTOBER 23, 1930


Four-Room Grade School Gutted by Blaze, Causing Heavy Loss
Partially Insured

A four-room grade school building in Vintondale was destroyed by fire, Sunday night, together with practically all of its contents. The Nanty-Glo Fire Co. responded to a call for help at about 8:30 in the evening, but on arrival at the scene, found no water available for fighting the blaze. Additional hose was sent from Nanty-Glo and with the aid of the Vintondale hose a line was laid to the creek, about a half mile away, and water was thus pumped onto the flames, but by that time, the fire had gained such headway, that the building could not be saved. The water supply at Vintondale has been low for some time, the mines being unable to run on account of the shortage. A fire could not have happened at a more unfavorable time.

The loss is estimated by the school board at about $15,000, which is fairly well covered by insurance. The building was erected in 1917 and was of brick construction. Only the bare walls remain. It was first reported in Nanty-Glo that the fire was in the new high school building, but fortunately this was not the case. The blaze was first noticed along the edge of the roof and is believed to have started from wiring. A larger grade building nearby was saved.

The school board is arranging for temporary quarters for the grades that occupied the burned building. One extra room is available in the high school building. Plans will be made for rebuilding as soon as insurance adjustments are made.


DECEMBER 25, 1930


Luther Keller has opened a blacksmith shop in the building formerly used by R. F. Peters as a garage, on the alley back of the Peters property. He is prepared to grease cars, repair fenders and springs, do horse shoeing, wagon repairing and a general line of black smithing.


NOVEMBER 20, 1930


St. Louis Cardinals to take Nanty-Glo Ball Player from Rochester

The formal transfer of James (Rip) Collins, former Nanty-Glo baseball star, to the St. Louis Cardinals from the Rochester, N.Y., team, which has been reported several times heretofore, was announced last week. The St. Louis Nationals have really possessed Collins for some time, the Rochester team of the International league being owned by them, and used as a "farm" for their prospective recruits. It is understood that Collins will succeed Jim Bottomley at first base on the Cardinal team, the same position he has played with Rochester for the past three seasons.

"Lefty" as he was known when he used to play ball in Nanty-Glo, which cognomen has been changed to "Rip" since he got to playing ball in faster company, began his professional ball playing career on the Johnstown team of the Middle Atlantic league, where he played in center field during the seasons of 1925 and 1926. He was then sold to Rochester by the Johnstown management at a price reported to be $2,000. He was farmed out by Rochester into the Three I league during the next year, being called back to Rochester at the close of the season. During the 1930 season he has been ranked as the outstanding player of the International League. His friends here will follow his career with interest in the major league, where he is now to be given his chance.


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