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Old Nanty-Glo Journal News
from the Nant-Y-Glo Tri-Area Museum and Historical Society

FEBRUARY 28, 1929

The January morbidity report of the bureau of vital statistics, shows that aside from pneumonia, which was very prevalent following the influenza epidemic, this state was unusually free from the more serious communicable diseases in the first month of 1929.

There were 859 cases of diphtheria, as compared with 1123 reported in January of 1928. This is a new state diphtheria record for the state for the month. Another new January record was reached in reports for typhoid fever. Only thirty-four cases were reported in the entire state for the month. This is not only a low record for January but it is the lowest morbidity report for this disease for any month for which reports are available, The previous low record, which is still the low record, in actual number, was thirty-three in 1928, but as April is a short month and as the estimated population has increased the rate for the past month it is the lowest ever reported.

There were 472 new cases of tuberculosis reported in January, This was below the average number and lower than in the corresponding months of 1926 and 1927 and in view of the better reporting of this disease in the past two years the low figure for the month is considered favorable.

On the other hand pneumonia was the highest on record for the month and next to the highest of any month since the influenza epidemic of 1928. This was due to the influenza epidemic of December and January, and also to more complete reporting.

There were 6,104 cases of measles reported in January, making the month the highest since the epidemic of the year 1926. The 1573 cases reported of whooping cough is the highest than in any corresponding month since 1921.

Another January has passed with no case reports of smallpox. The last January smallpox cases where two in January of 1926.


JANUARY 11, 1934

Borough Council Reorganized with Miles McHugh President

The annual reorganization meeting of the borough council was held Monday night. The business of the old council board was finished, after which Burgess T. P. Burns took the chair and administered the oath of office to the new members of the board. Charles L. Davies of the first ward and Joseph Hayes of the second ward. Burgess Burns presided until the reorganization was completed which was done by electing Councilman Miles McHugh president of council. John M. Carlisle secretary, and A. J. Cornely treasurer. With President McHugh in the chair, other positions were filled as follows:

Borough solicitor, Attorney M. J. Shadden; water commissioner, J. J. Conrad; street commissioner, Edward Carmel; water rent collector, Mrs. Roy Mann; police officers, David Caldwell, captain, and Guy Ceria; special policeman without pay, Harry Feeley. The secretary, treasurer, solicitor, water commissioner and street commissioner were elected without opposition. Nine names were presented for the job of water rent collector, but the present incumbent, Mrs. Mann, was an easy winner. The names of thirteen applicants for the two police positions were offered. Patrolman Caldwell was unanimously reelected. Guy Ceria, chosen the other policeman, was the only new employee elected for the ensuing year.

President McHugh announced names of the various standing committees as follows: Streets and lights, Hayes and Davies; finance, LaMantia and Davies; water, Connelly and LaMantia; buildings and grounds, Luigi and Hayes; sewers, Luigi and Connelly; fire truck, LaMantia and Connelly.

The new appointees will take their positions on January 15th.


OCTOBER 12, 1939

The Italian Society is sponsoring a Columbus Day dance which will be held in Slovak Hall, Saturday night. While the social event is a few days following the holiday, it is the only celebration planned by the society here this year.

A Hungarian dance will be held in Silver Hall, also Saturday night. Mory Gipsy Orchestra will furnish the music. Proceeds are for the benefit of St. Mary's Church.


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