NO. 16  
This page put online November 2, 2002

Old Nanty-Glo Journal News
from the Nant-Y-Glo Tri-Area Museum and Historical Society

JANUARY 17, 1924

The Ku Klux Klan made a demonstration on one of the hilltops over looking the town, between one and two o'clock Tuesday morning. As usual three heavy charges of dynamite signaled the burning of a cross. Those who were aroused report seeing many shrouded figures on the hill and singing was heard, A lot of strange cars were parked along Pergrim Hill and the Barker Road. Flanking the hill on either side where the demonstration was held. The supposition is that a large number of out-of-town Klansmen held some sort of secret meeting here proceeding the burning of the cross. Not much interest is manifested in these demonstrations any more, as the novelty is wearing off.


OCTOBER 3, 1935

Representing the first payment to men on WPA projects in District No. 11, 369 checks totaling $8,587.95, were mailed from the Somerset office this week, according to Norman J. Harris, supervisor of finance. The first groups of checks were mailed entirely to WPA employees in Cambria County. The payments averaged approximately $23.29 each, it was said, and were mailed to men who began work on September 3 and later. Additional payrolls are being made up as rapidly as the accounts are cleared by Harrisburg, Supervisor Harris states. And it is expected that more checks will be placed in the mail within the next few days to WPA workers in other counties of the district. Many additional projects have been granted in this and neighboring counties of the Somerset area which are expected to be started before winter. The rates of pay for unskilled labor in Cambria county has been set at $57.20 per month; for intermediate, or semi-skilled labor, $66.00 per month, and for skilled labor, $75.00 per month.


AUGUST 14, 1952

Yesterday the gigantic B-Y super-market opened its doors to the public. The new 19,000 cubic feet of space features housewares, hardware, and a drug department along with a large assortment of groceries, frozen foods, refrigerated produce, cut-rate meats and self-service dairy products. The spacious market is surround by unlimited parking grounds and excellent lighting equipment. According to Yobbagy Bros. the new super-market will maintain 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. shopping hours, Monday through Saturday. Adjoining this new market is the B-Y service station and the BY service company which features a complete line of General Electric appliances. It is the hope of the Yobbagy Bros. to keep expanding into other enterprises and some day make B-Y a complete shopping center for this area.


OCTOBER 14, 1926

The morning train due here from the east at 8:15, killed three cows that had wondered onto the right of way near Beulah station, about two miles out of Nanty-Glo, Saturday morning.

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