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Nanty Glo-Vintondale High School Class of 1960

Report of 50th Anniversary reunion, August 28, 2010

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Kneeling and front row: David Kerekes, Chuck Kupchella, Ken Martinazzi, Paul Kaschalk, Caryl (Rinehart) Roach, Mario Zamboni, and Mary Lou (Ciprich) Ford. Second Row: Wearing black blouse Joyce (Reed) Perry, Don Kerekes, Elaine (Spongross) Lanzendorfer, purple top Margaret (Malenich) Cox, Mary (Zamboni) Mowen, Mary (Lonetti) Mayancsik, Dorothy (Williams) Sterner, Carol (Stager) Commons, Barbara (Gabelli) Martinazzi, Patricia (Fye) Hagens, Louise (Little) Wurm, Betty Jane (Kankula) Oakes, Judy (Goodrich) Zomak, Linda (Gibson) DiPaolo, Virginia (Kelly) Conrad, Eileen (Connelly) Larese, and Art Wurm. Back Row: Mike Kowal, Louie Sabonya, Tom Malcotti, Jerry Nedrich, John Galli, Joe Selip, Robert Drabbant, Cecelia "CeCe" (Molinich) Wilson, Marty Sebetich, Don Kolar, Tom Lesinak, Barbara (Lindsay) Hakanen, Thressa (Stretchko) Surdick, Jeff Cornely, Jim Woodring, Richard Yanosky, George Commons and Gwen Morgan.

We celebrated our 50th year anniversary with a reunion at Penn Gables restaurant in Ebensburg. We were very pleased with the turnout. 42 classmates and 68 total made the effort to come. (These figures are not verified but they are close.) Linda (Gibson) DiPaolo was the chairperson and has all the correct info.

Caryl Rinehart Roach took photos and printed them onsite for each classmate. She and her husband did all the work and that was their gift to the class. George and Carol (Stager) Commons came the farthest (Palo Alto, California). Chuck Kupchella welcomed the alumni (super, as expected) and Pastor Jim Woodring gave the invocation.

I am prejudiced but, "Oh My, What a Great Class We Had!" It was a wonderful night! We actually had a group from Vintondale responding with the help of Elaine Sprongrass Lanzendorfer. We finally bonded after all these years of separation in terms of reunions. It was hard for them. This class was the first to graduate as one after the [Nanty Glo-Vintondale] Jointure became legal. But the fact we were not together in one building and in activities made it difficult for them to accept. Burying all that, we came together and enjoyed a great evening.

By the way, we had a lot of photos displayed. One was at the birthday dinner at Johnny Gardneau's Restaurant. . . . Just thought you would be interested in this update.

Mary Lou Ciprich Ford

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