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Nanty Glo-Vintondale High School Class of 1959

45th-Anniversary reunion photo, August 6, 2004, at the Polish Club. It was sent by Paul Ceria, who says about 90
people attended. A weiner roast at the club was followed by cocktails and dinner at the Cottage.

Scroll down for an early photo of part of the class.

First Row, left to right (kneeling/sitting on floor): Frank Connors, Mel Ray, Tom Kuftic, Paul Ceria, Bernie Austin, Fuzzy Christoff, Barry Hayes. Second Row, left to right (sitting): Patty Simmers Eppolito, Pat Cohick McMullen, Mell Anne Krawetz Sebetich, Pat Palenscar Lodge, Mary Ann Koufus, Vivan Molnar Lockard, Joe Flick, Tom Nedrich. Third Row, left to right (standing): Dave Bush, Adolph Funyak, Sam Campbell, Mike Olsavsky, Franncis Gabor, Dave Campbell, Marjorie Soltis Trout, Donna Rhoades McCutcheon, Rita Thomas McDermott, Lois Funyak Welch, Linda Brown Flick. Fourth Row, left to right (standing in the back): Bob Pierson, Leroy Schmidt, Dave Kivisto, Judy Sowolla Banze, Bernice Barzdo Kinzey, Sharon Hayes Hakanen, Betty Ann Yoses Hayes.
A portion of the class as members of Mrs. Carlisle's 7th grade

Beth Mazman sent this unidentified Nanty Glo school class, which was subsequently identified by Jim Martin as part of the graduating class of 1959. The sign in the lap of the girl seated on left says, “Nanty Glo, Pa., Grade 7-2,” which would make the year of the photo 1953-54. The teacher, in the rear, Jim reported, is Mrs. Carlisle, adding, “she read A Stillness at Appomattox to us in, I think, eighth grade. Boy, could she make a book come alive.” Sam Campbell, a member of the class, later identified the group as made up of the latter half of the alphabet of the class roll. He gave these names, with dashes shown where he can't put a name. First row: —, Donna Rhoades, Louise Kormas, Delores Wagner, Rita Thomas, Lucille Patarini, Phyllis Olstein, Vivian Molnar, —, Judy Sowallo. Second row: Pat Simmers, Jerry Kreschko, Al Ponchione, Marion Rager, Bill Hill, Bob Pearson, Larry Lindrose, Art Price, John Williamson, Mel Ray, Jim Simmons. Third row: Tom Kuftic, —, —, John Winnie, Mrs. Carlisle, Mike Wagner, —, —, Von Tucker, Sam Mazman. Sam adds: “I believe these are correct, but I stand to be corrected if someone knows better than I.”