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Nanty Glo High School Class of 1950, 50th Reunion Photos
The reunion was held at the Nanty Glo American Legion in August 2000

First row: Marion (Myers) Butz, Ella Pillock (maiden name), Helen Marie (Hrapchack) Illig, Lois Evans (maiden name), Mildred (Byich) Fenchalk, Freda (Daughenbaugh) Bush, Virginia (Seliga) Farkas, Mary Scappino (maiden name), Janie (Davie) Toth, Katie (Berdomas) Soyka, and Wilbur Swanhart.

Second row: Mary (Patarini) Dougherty, Shirley Yoder, Ona (Anderson) Gohn, Sally (Prindle) Bogavich, James Gallagher, Robert Lezzer, Bob Rhodes, Dick Fye, Marquerite (Travis) Johnston, and Louellan (Shaner) Sekerak. Third row: Frank Charney, Mike Bober, Mike Bzdyl, Matthew Wadium, Bill Mehalko, Donald Kelly, Stanley Saflarsky, Clyde Lingar, Hobart Rose, and John Dropcho.

Left to right is Frank Charney (Alexandria, Va), Lois Evans (Nanty Glo), Ona (Anderson) Gohn (Johnstown), Janet (Davie) Toth (Pittsburgh), all enjoying the camaraderie for evening.

Left photo—Ella Pillock (at right, maiden name, Carlisle, Pa.) and daughter, Vicky. This was Ella's first reunion, and she and daughter were a welcome surprise. Ella was a twenty year next door neighbor of mine that I could not recognize until she identified herself. Right photo—Hobart Rose and wife. Hobart and his wife, who is originally from Mundys Corner, transplanted themselves two years ago back to the mostly cold weather climate of the Blacklick Valley area (Revloc) after departing the sultry summers of Disney World (Orlando). He and his wife stated that they prefer the cold to the heat.
Clyde Lingar (Florida resident, first reunion attended), Sally (Prindle) Bogovich (California), and John Dropcho (Indiana, Pa.). John is an officer and promoter of Nant-Y-Glo Tri-Area Museum and Historical Society. He gave a talk on the progress of the foundation and strongly endorsed the purchase of items like shirts, sweaters and hats having the Blacklick Valley logo to support this cause.
Bill Mehalko (Nanty Glo) and wife, and Wilbur (Bo) Swanhart (Pittsburgh) and wife enjoying themselves with some refreshment at the reunion.
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