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Nanty Glo High School Class of 1948

In 1945, the Freshman Class was the Class of 1948.... This photo from the 1945 yearbook, The Echo, sent by Beth Mazman, shows the class as freshmen. Here is the caption as in the yearbook (please correct our spelling as the type is not always clear, and any additional information you can supply): First row, left to right—G. Long, K. Bello, N. Rubbo, E. Molnar, E. Baughman, R. Deskevich, M. Berdomas, M. A. Simmers, J. Do, Z. Nelson, L. Elliott. Second row—D. Moore, R. Pateriei, M. Carlson, A. Donaldson, D. Haley, F. Chiappini, V. Stevens, R. George, I. Ondriezek, R. Rudolph. Third row—P. Budash, F. Gates, J. Jones, L. Shreve, F. Oldham, M. Bensor, T. Phillips. Fourth row—B. Austin, J. Berzansky, S. Evans, L. Fuller, V. Castelli, P. Ballentyne, C. Russell, J. Dunwiddie, R. Ciotti. Fifth row—Mrs. Tindiglia, S. Sabonya, B. Gilson, E. Sanderson, I. Kehler, R. Hutshinson, J. Hancharick, T. Anderson, J. Masylar, H. Hibbard. Sixth row—J. Smartz, J. Garis, J. Warmus, C. Novotny, F. Soya, J. Moore, L. Maziman, N. Nazick, R. Sybert, A. Schirato, E. Peach, A. Hessler. Seventh row—D. Sabo, J. Puck, K. Malesky, M. Gongloff, J. Kelly, B. Callen, T. Gebacz, F. Barr, E. Bernot. Eighth row—T. Oblinsky, J. O'Farrell, P. LaMantia, J. Delick, S. Bender, J. Halina, W. Johnson, W. Lambing.

President, Leopold Maziman; vice-president, James Dunwiddie; secretary, Faye Oldham; treasurer, Victoria Castelli.

NameResidence or last known residenceOccupationemail address
|William Austin|||
Patricia Ballentyne|||
Fred Barr|deceased|
Evelyn Baughman|||
Katherine Bello|||
Steve Bender|||
Martha Bensor|||
Edward Bernot||deceased|
Pauline Budash|||
Marcella Carlson|||
Victoria Castelli Law|||
Robert Ciotti||deceased|
Frances Chiappini Smidga   
Genevieve Croasmun Hawthorne Cleveland, OHdeceased (3/22/2002)|
Rose Deskevich Funyak|||
Jennie Do DrabbantSpring, Texas|
Alice Donaldson||||
James Dunwiddie||deceased|
Lucille Elliott|||
Lois Fuller Stoika|||
Lawrence Funyak ||
James Garis|||
Theresa Gates Forcellini|||
Thomas Gebacz|||
Barbara George|||
William Gibson||deceased|
Milton Gongloff|||
Dolores Haley|||
Joseph Hancharick|||
Alex Hessler|||
Herbert Hibbard|||
Joseph Hulina|||
Richard Hutchinson|||
Wallace Johnson|||
John Kelly||deceased|
Lloy Lambing|||
Joseph Maslyar|||
Leopold Maziman|||
John Mehalko||||
Ethel Molnar Gero|||
James Moose|||
Nicholas Nazick|||
Charles Novotny|||
Steve Oblinsky|||
Faye Oldham|||
Rita Paterini|||
Theresa Phillips Sirawsky|||
Norma Rubbo Moody|||
Colleen Russell|||
Donald Sabo||||
Eleanor Sanderson|||
Lila Lane Shreve Turner|||
Mary Ann Simmers|||
Joseph Smartz||deceased|
Francis Soya|||
Virginia Stephens|||
Robert SybertRavenna, OHphysicianI would like to hear from anyone who went to NGHS in classes of  '47 '48 '49

or '50.  Only want to hear from the living.  bob sybert.
John J. WarmusLake Havasu City, AZbusiness owner (click for webpage)I welcome anyone of the people of this "birthplace of mine" to email me.

Glimpses of school life in the class of 1948 (from the 1945 Echo, exactly as published, including the fact that the yearbook called the Class of '48 the Class of '49!): New, eager faces—they were all there bright and early on the morning of August 28. Gathered in small groups, they talked excitedly. The gist of each conversation was their entrance into high school. What will it be like? At last the bell rang. Anxiously these new students began their exploration of the building. What lay before them? Here they were to spend four long years-years filled with work, anticipation, good times, exam jitters, good fellowship, and joyous memories.

A few weeks of the new school life brought about a transition. Unconsciously the “freshies” began to speak the language of the school. Timidity and uncertainty were almost non-existent.

Limited in their activities the “class of '49,” nevertheless, had several successful social functions. Their first party, held on Hallowe'en, revealed their class spirit. Attendance was almost 100 per cent! A skating party, a dance at the Slavish Hall, and an Easter party were numbered among the other activities.

With a successful first year completed, the class of '49 may well look forward to three more years of profit and pleasure within the wall of our high school.


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