Nanty Glo High School Class of 1946

In 1945, the Junior Class was the Class of 1946.... This photo from the 1945 yearbook, The Echo, sent by Beth Mazman, shows the class a year before their ascendancy to senior status. Here is the caption as in the yearbook (please correct our spelling as the type is not always clear, and any additional information you can supply): First row, left to right—N. Barger, H. Burns, B. Barkey, D. Swansboro, G. Wilson, M. Yaronczyk, M. Do, B. Mosley, C. Lucas, R. Patterson, R. Ray, C. Romagnizo. Second row—G. Mosley, E. Kisic, B. Buige, D. Michaels, L. Shreve, K. Rafas, R. Vasilko, J. Bellavia, M. Nazick, R. Nipps, S. Brown, M. Kanuck. Third row—H. Marchyshyn, H. Yoses, J. Blair, E. Carmel, H. Sowolla, H. Smartz, C. Laskan, M. Moreskonich. Fourth row—M. Kaseba, T. McDermott, P. Divido, J. Lumley, J. Walker, J. Paskowski, J. Stager, L. Carlson. Fifth row—J. Cujko, S. Anderson, J. Sojka, C. Wilson, W. Blehar, H. Oldham, P. Serluco.

President, Eleanor Carmel; vice-president, Helen Burns; secretary, Ruth Ray; treasurer, James Walker; advisor, Mrs. Tindiglia.

Name Residence or last known residence Occupation email address
S. Anderson | | |
N. Barger | | |
B. Barkey | | |
J. Bellavia | | |
J. Blair | | |
W. Blehar | | |
S. Brown | | |
B. Buige      
H. Burns      
L. Carlson      
E. Carmel      
J. Cujko      
P. Divido      
M. Do      
M. Kanuck      
M. Kaseba      
E. Kisic      
C. Laskan      
C. Lucas      
J. Lumley      
T. McDermott      
H. Marchyshyn      
D. Michaels      
M. Moreskonich      
B. Mosley      
G. Mosley      
M. Nazick      
R. Nipps      
H. Oldham      
R. Patterson      
J. Paskowski      
K. Rafas      
R. Ray      
C. Romagnizo      
P. Serluco      
L. Shreve      
H. Smartz      
J. Sojka      
H. Sowolla      
J. Stager      
D. Swansboro      
R. Vasilko      
J. Walker      
C. Wilson      
G. Wilson      
M. Yaronczyk      
H. Yoses      

Glimpses of school life in the class of 1946 (from the 1945 Echo, exactly as published): “One more year to go” was the thought of every Junior. With their new rings on their fingers and ambition in their hearts, the class went forward.

Hallowe'en night the Study Hall was invaded by the colorful figures of gypsies, tramps, pirates, and other cleverly costumed juniors. The prize for the funniest costume went to Paul Divido. Kathryn Rafas won a prize for the best partriotic dress and Helen Sowolla for the most original costume.

Scrimping, saving, and slaving, they undertook the task of obtaining sufficient funds for the annual Junior-Senior Prom. Their first venture, a dance at the Slavish Hall, was both socially and financially successful and had decided effect on bringing the big day nearer.

Exhibiting their ability in salesmanship, they sold candy, Christmas cards, and magazines. Lucky were the winners who received the ton of coal and the Easter basket which the Juniors gave away! That chocolate milk you drank and those sandwiches you ate during the mid-term exams were provided by the Junior Cafeteria.

On Prom night the boys, with their hair slicked back, pinned corsages on girls in long flowing gowns whose loveliness rivaled the reatury of the flowers. This was the night they had eagerly awaited. This was the night that made all their efforts worthwhile.


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