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Nanty Glo High School Class of 1930

Jim Martin (NGLV-'58) found this photograph of the Nanty Glo High School Class of 1930, which includes his mother, the late Sylvia Grazier Martin. The following caption was included:

Bottom row: Veronica Yokitis, Viola Hessing, Lila Fraliner, Pamela Taylor, Eleanor Pomputius, Peg Barr, Eleanor Lehman, Lois Berkibile, Dorothy Dillin
Middle row: Louise Zanzuiki, Ada Wilkinson, ?? Cunningham, Sylvia Grazier, Edith Miller, Ann ??, Alberta Caldwell, Martha Griffith, Ruth Edwards, Elaine Millward, Gwen Davis, ????????????, Alfreta Weja, Eleanor Wilson
Top row: Howard Donofsky, Joe Casale, Bill Robinson, ?? Polom, Marty Meyers, Fred George, Ben Estep, George Barsda, Francis Stefanick, Les Carnahan, Sheldon Leatherman, Elizabeth Kline

Jim writes: These are the names my mother had written on the picture and some of the spelling was hard to read.  Also the names June Gibson, Elizabeth Jones and Ermenia Madoni were written on a separate piece of paper. If you are able to send any additional names, or correct placing on the present caption, please send the information to webmaster.


Name Residence or last known residence Occupation email address
Peg Barr | | |
George Barsda | | |
Lois Berkibile | | |
Alberta Caldwell | | |
Les Carnahan | | |
Joe Casale | | |
__ Cunningham | | |
Gwen Davis | | |
Dorothy Dillin | | |
Howard Donofsky (Dunhoff) His daughter writes: "I saw the photo online of the 1930 class and would like to say that Harold Donofsky is actually Howard Donofsky, who later changed his name to Howard Dunhoff. He was my father. He went on to become a dentist and practiced in New Kensington, PA, until his untimely death in 1971 at the age of 57. I was quite surprised to find the photo online; I have a copy in my photo album. Sincerely, Nancy Dunhoff Mills
Ruth Edwards | | |
Ben Estep | | |
Lila Fraliner | | |
Fred George      
June Gibson      
Sylvia Grazier      
Martha Griffith      
Viola Hessing      
Elizabeth Jones      
Elizabeth Kline      
Sheldon Leatherman      
Eleanor Lehman      
Ermenia Madoni      
Marty Meyers      
Edith Miller      
Elaine Millward      
__ Polom      
Eleanor Pomputius      
Bill Robinson      
Francis Stefanick      
Pamela Taylor      
Alfreta Weja      
Ada Wilkinson      
Eleanor Wilson      
Veronica Yokitis      
Louise Zanzuiki      


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