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Nanty Glo High School Class of 1929

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First row, seated: Marion Caldwell, Emma Beard, Audrey Facemeyer, Christine Moody, Helen Commons, Mildred White, Blanche Butcher, Gladys Dunwiddie, Julia Lekawa. Second row: Harriet Edelstein, Marjorie McCullough, Margaret Price, Alice Facemeyer, Lulu Tucker, Inetta Snyder, Betty Winslow, Marion Gailey, Mabel Pearson, Isabel Leatherman, Mary Bezek, Margaret Klein. Third row: Lawrence Myers, Gus Carlisle, John Cornely, Arthur Price, Jack McCullough, Robert Brown, Thomas Hopkins, America Borzella, Andrew Moody, Ross Schmidt.

The photo was submitted in July 2012 by Marion Butz, who writes: "I may have misspelled a name. I had the original picture and several years ago Marion Gailey sent me the list of names. Several members of the NantyGlo Class of 1950 have parents in this picture. My mother, Marion Caldwell, first person in first row, and my father, Lawrence Myers, first person in last row; Janet Toth's mother, Emma Beard, second person in first row; Margaret Price, third person in second row, mother of Marguerite Travis. Isabel Leatherman, tenth person in second row, mother of the Hakenans, none in my class but before and after classes. Marjorie McCullough, second person in second row was my first grade teacher and I just loved her. I also have a picture of the 1928 Nantyglo high school basketball championship team, a 1928 or 1929 high school football team and my Mother's high school basketball team. If these would be helpful, I will send copies. Marion Myers Butz, Class of 1950.

Name Residence or last known residence Occupation email address
Emma Beard Millward Nanty Glo deceased  
Mary Bezek      
America Borzella      
Robert Brown      
Blanche Butcher      
Marion Caldwell Myers | deceased |
Gus Carlisle      
Helen Commons      
John Cornely      
Gladys Dunwiddie      
Harriet Edelstein      
Alice Facemeyer      
Audrey Facemeyer      
Marion Gailey Nanty Glo | |
Thomas Hopkins      
Margaret Klein      
Isabel Leatherman      
Julia Lekawa      
Jack McCullough      
Marjorie McCullough      
Andrew Moody      
Christine Moody      
Lawrence Myers | |deceased |
Mabel Pearson      
Arthur Price      
Margaret Price      
Ross Schmidt      
Inetta Snyder      
Lulu Tucker      
Mildred White      
Betty Winslow      


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