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1950 Nanty Glo High School Class Reunion

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The 1950 Nanty Glo High School Class held a reunion at the Nanty Glo American Legion on September 2, 2000, over the Labor Day weekend. The Legion has renovated its ballroom and dance area and was an excellent location for this celebration.

All who attended had a great time and the sight of classmates embracing and greeting one another presented an affectionate scene. These class members deserve a salute in marking this special and memorable occasion of 50 years.

I myself was transplanted for several hours in time and space to my youth and the fond memories of high school and classmates. I had known several of the attendees since the first grade in St. Mary's Parochial School. They were as follows: Sally (Prindle) Bogovich, Mike Bzdyl, John Dropcho, Virginia (Seliga) Farkas, James Gallagher, Helen Marie (Hrapchak) Illig, Don Kelly, Robert Lezzer, Bill Mehalko, Stanley Soflarsky, and Janet (Davie) Toth.

Approximately 31 classmates attended from an original class of 86 (the largest Nanty Glo High School Class up until that time) with 15 deceased. Several came from places like California (Sally Bogovich); Florida, (Clyde Lingar); and Wisconsin, (Matthew Wadium); while others, residing in Nanty Glo and nearby, did not attend for whatever reason. Classmates not interested in attending this event came as a surprise. I, for one, placed top priority in being present at this landmark event.

First-time attendees were Mike Bober (Ohio), Clyde Lingar and Ella Pillock (maiden name, Carlisle, Pa). Ella was once a nextdoor neighbor who I could not recognize until she identified herself.

The class gives hearty credit to Katy (Berdomas) Soyka, Mildred (Byich) Fenchak, and anyone else who helped for their hard work in arranging the reunion.

Several minutes of prayerful silence was observed for those classmates who are deceased. On this special occasion it is worthwhile to list their names: William Barger (1999), Mary (Brown) Rudolph (2000), Gertrude Foreman, Ted Gebacz (Senior Class Vice President), Ann (Hulina) Hannak (1984), Edwin Johnson, John Labash, Betty Claire (McDermott) Lekawa (1996), James McDermott (1991), Richard McDermott (1997), Ruth (Jones) O'Farrell, Rome Rudolph (Senior Class President), Leonard Stager (1983), John Strapple (1989), and Barbara (Dishong) Wilson (1994).

We, the class survivors, realize any of us could have easily been on the list above and are thankful for the years bestowed upon us. Back in 1950, who knew what class members would be granted the privilege of witnessing the millennium year of 2000?

At the reunion, I discovered that Marion (Myers) Butz is the proud owner of the original 1910 Nanty Glo post card auctioned on E-Bay. She is a collector of Nanty Glo historical cards and pictures. A daughter acquired the card for her as a birthday present.

I also discovered that a fellow classmate, Hobart Rose, had reversed a trend of Blacklick Valley folks relocating elsewhere. Two years ago he moved from Orlando, Florida, to the entertainment spot of Revloc. My wife and I also maintain a second residence in Revloc, so Hobart and I can reminisce about our old high school days.

John Dropcho, vice president of the Nant-Y-Glo Tri-Area Museum and Historical Society, presented a talk on the plans and progress of the society. All readers of this web site are urged to support this worthwhile cause to preserve the heritage of the Blacklick Valley area. A sweatshirt with the society's logo, designed by John, was raffled and won by Hobart Rose. Hobart should find the shirt useful during the wintry weather he faces.

After a full evening of exchanging greetings and memories, the reunion came to a surprisingly swift end. How does one compress 50 years of living in a five-hour session? Like the patient informed that his days are numbered, I could only reflect, "I need more time." The bittersweet farewells were quickly replaced by the satisfaction of meeting old classmates, if only for a short time, and recapturing the youth of our past.

(The 1950 class plans another reunion in the year 2005. One recommendation is that the next class reunion be held at a recreational park, possibly with family members, for a full day so that classmates have more quality time together. For example, there are huge covered pavilions with all the necessary facilities (night lights, electrical connections, and rest rooms) located at the Revloc Recreational Park available for rent if advance reservations are made.)

Best regards,
Frank Charney

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