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This feature is for those of us who don't otherwise have access to regular dispatches from Nanty Glo, and is not intended to discourage anyone from subscribing to the Journal. Residents of the Valley and/or those who do read the Journal will find these reports mostly old news, but those of us many miles away tend to miss items like these. And yes, it's a shameless parody of Garrison Keilor's "News from Lake Woebegone," based on the dual ideas that a folksy tone seems right for this purpose, and more and more the news from Nanty Glo seems to be about something being gone {groan}.

Column No. 3, November 21 1997              

Gone with the political winds The latest Nanty Glo landmark to be gone—well, "going," technically, until the term ends—is the borough's mayor of 27 years, Arthur C. Price. The unexpected upset on November 4 by last-minute sticker candidate Robert J. McEvoy, manager of the Rite Aid Pharmacy on Shoemaker Street, was the biggest Nanty Glo news, our sources say, in quite a while, though coverage of flooding in the borough the same week also occupied a lot of newsprint. McEvoy, 31, was only four years old when outgoing Mayor Price, 87, began his term at age 50. Unlike his predecessor, McEvoy is a novice in local government, not having served as a member of council first. He also defeated an incumbent councilmember, Louise Kachik, who was attempting to upset the incumbent. The upset was reminiscent to longtime observers of the election in 1964 (?) of John Kupchella as the borough's first mayor, after what had been a long-long term in office of the mayor's predecessor, Burgess Dominick Gellotte. The State of Pennsylvania changed the title of top elected borough officials from burgess to mayor that year.

News link Our endless surfing of the Internet turned up a site that has a file of Nanty Glo news, though it isn't necessarily late or fresh news. The mayor story still hasn't made it, at this writing, for example. It's the WJAC-TV Channel 6 News Center, now linked atop our news page. This link is only one of a collection of helpful links added to the Nanty Glo Home Page site during the past week. A whole page of similar links, which we call a multi-reference lookup enables you to enter a word to look up in the best desk dictionary online; keywords, web sites, or use group topics to look up on the Alta Vista worldwide web search engine; telephone numbers to look up in US West's online phone books, and email addresses to look up on Four-1-1 through US West's search facility. The latter two are rather amazing. For example, in the residential phone engine you can enter a last name—Jones, for example—and Nanty Glo under city, and get a listing of all the Joneses who have white pages listings. Under email, if you just enter Nanty Glo with no names, you get 24 email addresses, more than I would have expected. For a larger city you can enter the first letter of a last name followed by *, and get all the listings for that letter of the alphabet. And these are only email account holders who have discovered, and listed themselves with, Four-1-1, which makes it even more remarkable. If you're not listed with Four-1-1, you should be (members of the witness protection program may disregard).

Also gone... Another area landmark that might be gone by now is the Jamesway Department Store near the intersection of Buelah Road and US 22. According to a report on the Channel 6 site last summer, the shopping center had been purchased by Walmart for a major regional Walmart Supercenter, "similar to one in Indiana." Construction was to have begun this fall, and we're well into that, eh? I hear it was 12 degrees in the Valley earlier this week. The Walmart web site has no information about the central Cambria center, but if you can't wait to shop the new Supercenter you can order Christmas presents there online. Only 34 shopping days and counting...! And to think Walmart hails from, where—Benton, Ark.? That could've been Shadden-Mart! Or Ell & Gee Mart! (Naw...I guess if Glossers couldn't do it....)

That's the third report from Nanty Glo-begone; send us your responses, corrections, questions, and most of all "news."

Harrison Pielor is the pen name of an erstwhile Blacklick Valley journal keeper.

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