Out of sight
but not
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This feature is for those of us who don't otherwise have access to regular dispatches from Nanty Glo, and is not intended to discourage anyone from subscribing to the Journal. Residents of the Valley and/or those who do read the Journal will find these reports mostly old news, but those of us many miles away tend to miss items like these. And yes, it's a shameless parody of Garrison Keilor's "News from Lake Woebegone," based on the dual ideas that a folksy tone seems right for this purpose, and more and more the news from Nanty Glo seems to be about something being gone {groan}.

Column No. 2, November 14 1997              

Climb, climb up Pergrim mountain After gruelling research your correspondent has verified that the Nanty Glo Sheetz convenience store has moved from its Shoemaker Street location downtown to the intersection of US 22 and Rte. 271, which we used to think of as part of Mundy's Corner but is now officially called Pace Street, Nanty Glo. Has Nanty Glo annexed this suburb, maybe in an effort to give it a navigible seaport in the form of an Interstate-quality highway link at U.S. 22? Has the drive through and past the rockdump always been part of Nanty Glo but we didn't know it? Well, we can't answer that as yet. Stand by. Those of you who've been in Nanty Glo within the past two years no doubt knew this already—the move took place in October 1995—but it was news to me. I'm visualizing the new Sheetz as one of those glowing red oasises in the night with lots of gas pumps and parking space, which the former location definitely lacked. But where do the teeny-boppers hang out now? We hear the former Sheetz is now Fox Pizza, so maybe that's still the favored curb for sitting.

By the way a favorite movie of recent years, Tom Hanks' That Thing You Do, set mostly in Erie, Pa., has a scene that brought back Nanty Glo memories. The drummer in the early '60's rock band that this film is about is disabled when he falls off a parking meter and breaks an arm. I never heard of any Nanty Gloers falling off a parking meter, but many of us did spend many an hour hanging on and off them! And for those of you who've been away too long, I can report that Nanty Glo's parking meters are gone now, too. At least I was told they were no longer being enforced and would be removed the last time I was in town.

Going, going? Another area landmark that might be gone or changed soon is what used to be known as Hall's Hilltop tavern, just east of Belsano on US 422. The Hilltop is being offered for sale by Larry Stiles, who grew up in Belsano and moved back to the area, bought it, remodeled it to "gorgeous" (our sources say) and brought in antiques and memorabilia from, among other places, the former Edwards General Store in Belsano. The asking price of $185,000 is said to be "soft."

On the map The maps that show up on our Nanty Glo Home Page are looking much better lately. We have nothing to do with that. They are the products of a company called Vicinity, and they literally "show up" in space on our pages because we actively link them. Technically, it's possible to put a reference to any graphic, like these, anywhere on the Internet and it will show up on any referencing page. But usually it's best to have the permission of the owner of the graphic before doing so. Vicinity gives blanket permission for such use in exchange for the increased traffic such use brings to its worldwide web address (clicking within the maps will take you there).

So the maps changed without our even being aware of the changes. There's still no "Johnstown" labelling Johnstown on the Nanty Glo-area view, but at least it's no longer labelled "Brownstown." And on the Blacklick Valley view, Redmill Road is no longer labelled, but South Street is, and there's something called Allie Buck Road, which I never heard of before, and a Davis Road that I also never heard of, even though I lived for a year on what's now Allie Buck Road and Allie was a neighbor, more than 50 years ago. It was a dirt road in those days, full of blackberries and snakes. Now it's a beautiful "new" part of Cambria Township between Buelah and Bethel, all the snakes no doubt chased out. I remember riding my tricycle in the yard, being accosted by a garden snake, and screaming at the top of my voice. I've had "Indiana Jones Syndrome" ever since, and Patrick has been my favorite post-biblical saint. He showed up that day in the form of my mother wielding a garden hoe and flaying the interloper to pieces.

Fred Edwards' Store We asked elsewhere for help identifying the hitchhiker's corner in Nanty Glo to points north (Blacklick, Vintondale) and the best response is Fred Edwards' store. That name rings a bell, though I wouldn't swear to it. Is anyone else willing to chime in or chip in a suggestion or corroboration? And I never saw Fred Edwards and Belsano's Edwards General Store in such close proximity before. Does anyone know if there was a relationship?

That's the second report from Nanty Glo-begone; send us your responses, questions, and most of all "news."

Harrison Pielor is the pen name of an erstwhile Blacklick Valley journal keeper.

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