The Coal Mines and Miners in

Nantyglo, Wales, UK

Nanty Glo, Pa., native Phyllis LaMantia Grembi found these historic pictures on Google photos and was struck by the amazing similarity between the mines and miners in Wales, the United Kingdom, with those in Nanty Glo Pennsylvania.

The similarity seems obvious (though I had never heard of candles being used for light inside Pennsylvania mines as they are in some of these photos), and beyond the general similarity of the look in the mines and miners, the mine machinery, and the geography, the photos inside the actual mines strike me as the best collection of inside-mine photos I have ever seen.

Though mining and iron making began in Nantyglo, Wales, approximately a century earlier than in Cambria County, Pa., the evidence in the pictures suggests they are twentieth century (not to mention that such photography was not available a century earlier). If you have any information about the mines in Nantyglo, UK, please write the webmaster.

Click any "thumbnail" in the left column to show the photo in this window. For best results, enlarge your web browser to full screen, as the pictures require more than a full screen in most cases.

— Jon Kennedy

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